Update on Joshua - October 2018 - Hope for Joshua

Update on Joshua – October 2018

Update on Joshua, 10 October 2018 – Hope for Joshua on Facebook

“Hi Guys, it`s 2 weeks since we’re back from India and we just wanted to share our joy with you guys as we know that you are also eagerly waiting for an update.

We thank God that Joshua is showing improvement, he is now getting into the sitting position on his own with barely any support, he’s also started putting his feet forward to take steps and he is beginning to understand instructions.

We ask that everyone please keep him in your prayers, for God to continue giving him strength and endurance as he currently does 3-4 hours of therapy per day. Joshua’s CVI assessment took place on Saturday, he scores 1 in phase 1. Although this is the lowest score, the assessor does believe that he can see the object, even if it is just for a second. He can see an object that is solid red the easiest. We will be working extensively on this.

Please keep him in prayer as his daily schedule is so hectic and there is so much for him to do. Our warrior is so resilient and is fighting with all he has. Please also pray for the stem cells to reach his occipital lobe, the part that controls vision, as we are yet to see improvement in this area.

Thank you Jesus for the great work you have started in Joshua and we know you will bring it to completion soon.”

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