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We Need Urgent Fundraising Magic for Rhyn

Dear AOM supporters; please help us, to help this brave little boy. We Need Urgent Fundraising Magic for Rhyn!

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Rhyn Scheepers

Below is the latest update on Rhyn via Magic for Rhyn on Facebook, posted 28 June 2018.

Hi everyone

So today we heard back from Rhyn’s Neurologist in Cape Town. She informed us that she had spoken to the overseas team and that they are still busy with the staining process that side, because they also dont know what this might be. We must keep in mind that after the operation the staining this side also took more than 2 weeks because of the uniqueness of this case.

She then also suggested that we go through to Cape Town again for the follow-up MRI to be done there. She thinks that it will be easier for her to get that information overseas if they need it. She also thinks that they may want a report on a follow-up MRI to get to a better conclusion.

Financially, this will not be possible for us. I responded and asked if it wont perhaps be possible for her to arrange for a MRI to be done in Joburg instead. We are waiting to hear back from her in this regard. To go to Cape Town now, will mean that we have to get plain tickets (R8000), we will have to pay her consultation fee (R2500) arrange for stay and travel and together with all of that we will have to pay for the scan (wherever it will take place) out of our own pockets.

Just after receiving her email I received another email with an outstanding account payable by ourselves. This account comes from the previous scan that was done in Cape Town and wasnt fully paid for by the medical fund. This outstanding amount is R19 000+.

Guys there is no possible way that we will be able to pay that account and then also we have to pay for the upcoming scan as well that looks to be another R24 000+. (We see now that they charge a full amount for the Brain MRI and the full amount for the Spine MRI).

We very urgently need help in raising funds for this. Please please share far and wide. I attached a photo of little Rhyn as well as the outstanding bill.

Please also remember that we work together with Arms of Mercy to try and get funds for whatever comes our way next. We have no idea what awaits us if there is actual results and possible treatment 😔 .

Please share this and also please keep praying for our little Peter Pan.

~ Happy thoughts


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