Mihla Update 22 May 2018: The 3-2-1 on Day 321

Mihla Update 22 May 2018: The 3-2-1 on Day 321

The following update was made on the 22nd of May by Mihla`s mother, Shani Engelbrecht, via the MIHLA Trust Facebook Page.

“The 3-2-1 on Day 321: Mihla had a 6 x 5cm CNS embryonal neoplasm, which is stage 4 brain cancer. She underwent brain surgery and had a near total resection of the tumor. Considering Mihla’s age, multiagent chemotherapy was proposed to allow Mihla to be at least 5 years old before receiving full brain and spinal radiation.

Why is Mihla getting treatment? The cancer had a NEAR total resection, and considering stage 4, nothing can be left to chance or luck.

Where are we now? We are past halfway on Mihla’s chemotherapy protocol. Her protocol ends on the 19th of December 2018.

What has to happen next? After the chemo, we will be travelling to New Jersey. At Procure, Mihla will receive approximately 6 weeks of full brain and spinal proton radiation. We chose this type of radiation because it is less damaging to her developing brain and spine. Afterwards she will receive Burtomab. The FDA has granted the drug, Burtomab, Breakthrough Therapy Designation for the treatment of neuroblastoma that has spread to the brain. It is injected into the spinal fluid and delivers precision liquid radiation to strike the cancer cells dead.

Is everything set? Almost. Our accommodation is confirmed at the Ronald McDonald Charity house in New Jersey, and all treatments must be paid in full before we can start.

What will happen after? Our hearts are full of trust that Mihla will be going to Grade 1 in 2020. We will also continue with our fundraisers and marketing of the Mihla Charity Trust, to give hope to families that has to go through similar scenarios. We will do for one what we wish we could do for millions.”


Arms of Mercy Mihla Bracelets

Princess Blossom Bracelets for Mihla Engelbrecht

Consisting of pink and purple wooden beads with a princess, Grace-heart, and flower charm.

“No matter which battle you’re fighting, by the Grace of God you can always straighten your crown and bloom like a pretty spring blossom”.

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