Little Fighter Chereez Nel

Little Fighter Chereez Nel – Update from the USA – 5 September 2018

Little Fighter Chereez Nel went abroad recently after an Angel came forward and borrowed them the remaining amount required to get her to the USA for treatment. Dear friends and supporters, we ask you to continue praying for Chereez, there is some bad news as you`ll see in the update below.

“Father God, we lift Chereez into your Majesty and Grace and ask that you please grant this precious little fighter a full recovery. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Little Fighter Chereez Nel Update, Wednesday 5 September 2018

Chereez will start with chemo on Friday morning till Sunday afternoon…she is strong enough to have aggressive chemo. Unfortunately we got bad news today that the tumor went through the skull and into the brain, as well as spreading close to the bottom part of the eye. The Dr have assured us that she will, and are receiving the best possible treatment there is, and that this cancer is curable. Please keep Chereez in your prayers. Love Nel family…xxx


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