Latest update on Kyra Burger

Latest Update on Kyra Burger – 14 November 2018

This morning Kyra started to get a heavy fever, but it’s not because of the chemo the doctor said. The Dr. tested her infection counts, which is up a little bit though not much. Kyra is now on antibiotics and she will have a blood test again on Friday to re access… Her fever is getting better, but on and off, and she gets very hot at times. She went for her scan this morning and we are still waiting for the radiologist to have a look. Her sonar has been postponed until she feels better. Her body is sore because of the fever… but at least she’s sleeping a little, so Kyra and I are going to visit the hospital for a little while longer.

Please pray for our princess, for her fever to break completely, so that she will soon feel better and back to her old self again.

Original Update on Facebook – Liefste Kyra

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