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Keanu in Barcelona – Update 30 December 2018

Keanu in Barcelona – Update 30 December 2018

After 9 months of fundraising, Keanu has finally made it to SJD Children’s Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. Finding our way, especially with the communication barrier, was rather difficult in the beginning.

SJD welcomed us, we were in awe with what the hospital has to offer and the total focus on children and rare diseases, like Neuroblastoma. We are happy that we are with one of the best specialists in his field, Dr. Jaume Mora.

The Anti-GD2, HU3F8 Immunotherapy is no joke, one week per month, Monday, Wednesday and a Friday, Keanu received this amazing medicine, but it comes at a cost of extreme pain. The 30 minutes session consist of a team watching Keanu carefully, one oncologist and at least three registered nurses, especially trained for this treatment. Keanu will curl into a fetus position and then the pain starts, morphine is administered almost every 5 minutes, then vomiting, and then allergic reactions.

The first and second time seeing your son being put under the most extreme pain was so traumatic, but now we take it on, we know this is the best we can do for our son at the moment. We will do anything.

Keanu has completed 3 out 5 sessions (3-day treatment per session). He has lost weight, is fatigue, but after the second session a full evaluation was done, MIBG and bone-marrow biopsy…..Keanu is still in remission…thank you to our great Lord.

If all goes well, we can go home by end of February 2019, then our next quest continuous, getting the Vaccine treatment followed by DFMO (negotiations is still in process and more information will be provided once we have confirmed this). We still have long road, still worries, every day, of relapse, but we leave that in the hands of God. As long as we know we have done everything we could and raising astronomical amounts to save our child’s life.

Keanu is truly a warrior and the fight has been hard, but he has been doing so well in such a short time…We will WIN!!

Update by Colette Van de Giessen – #Cure4Keanu

Friends, Keanu needs your help now more then ever as he has to receive 2 more treatments running over the next 3 years (in and out of the US). More information to follow once we have all the facts. You can make a donation via his new fundraiser page on Facebook here, as well as backabuddy here.

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