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Help Katelyn to go to the USA for Proton Therapy

Help Katelyn to go to the USA for Proton Therapy

Katelyn Brand was diagnosed with Grade 4 Embryonal Central Nervous System Neuroblastoma – a very rare form of brain cancer, in November 2017. Yesterday, 5 December, marked Katelyn`s one year of chemotherapy treatment.

She is currently in hospital as her blood counts are extremely low, especially the white blood count, and she is Neutropenic. She is running a high fever that they are struggling to keep under control.

Doctors believe it is curable, however, she will need radiation for that and she has to be at least 6 years old to receive it. They feel the best radiation for her would be proton therapy, but this is not currently available in South Africa, is very expensive, and highly unlikely to come to SA anytime soon.

Please help us to raise funds so we can get Katelyn to the USA!

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