Baby Yva Adriaanse

Baby Yva Getting Stronger – Update 2 December 2018

“It’s been a little more than a year when we got the news of Yva’s Cancer ….
Uncertainty, sadness and so many other emotions have struck us suddenly …
With the wonder about what tomorrow holds for us ….

Today we are grateful to God that he wrapped our Baby Yva in His hand every day and carried her through every moment of the fight against cancer.

Baby Yva is getting stronger and doing well. She will have Chemo again in Pretoria this week. Her hair started to grow again and she’s CRAZY about food!

Thank you for each one’s prayers and love; we ask that you continue to pray together with us every day and to trust that Jesus will heal Yva completely.”

Original Post: Baba Yva Adriaanse on Facebook

Little Yva was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Leukemia shortly after her 1st birthday, and immediately started with a 7 month-long chemo program where she and her family spent many days and nights at the hospital. Yva still has a long road of chemotherapy in front of her and could really use your support. 

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