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Congratulations Zoalize, Our Vice Miss World South Africa!

We have the most exciting news to share with all of you! Our very own Head Ambassador, Zoalize van Rensburg, has been crowned on her 18th birthday as the 1st Princess in the Miss World South Africa Competition, earning the prestigious title of Vice Miss World South Africa. We could not be more thrilled and proud of her incredible achievement!

Zoalize van Rensburg

Zoalize has always been a powerhouse and a shining voice for young children and future leaders. Her dedication to our cause and her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of sick children have inspired us all. She is a true investor in this country’s future, and her impact is immeasurable.

Zoalize’ s journey in the Miss World South Africa Competition has been nothing short of remarkable. She has outperformed herself, showing her grace, intelligence, and a heart full of compassion for the youth and those in need. Her success is a testament to her outstanding character and the incredible impact she’s had on our community.

Zoalize, we want to take this moment to say, Congratulations! We are bursting with pride to see you achieve such an incredible milestone. Your journey as our Head Ambassador and now as Vice Miss World South Africa is a true inspiration to us all. You embody the spirit of making the world a better place, and we are honoured to have you as part of our Arms of Mercy family. Your dedication to our mission and the children we support is unwavering. You have touched the lives of many with your heart full of love and compassion. We can’t wait to see the wonderful work you will continue to do as Vice Miss World South Africa.

With heartfelt congratulations and best wishes,
– Team AOM

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