You are currently viewing Arms of Mercy Founder WINS the ‘Woman in Community’ 2022 SA Woman of Stature Awards!

Arms of Mercy Founder WINS the ‘Woman in Community’ 2022 SA Woman of Stature Awards!

“The Woman of Stature Foundation was formed to address the socio-economic challenges that are prevalent in South Africa, by making a valued contribution through development of women. Women are the cornerstone of society, home-makers and the mothers of future leaders and without them we will have a fragile community. The Woman of Stature Awards is not limited to any field of endeavor, and for this reason rank amongst the most prestigious awards in South Africa for women.” –


Congratulations Karin!

The Founder of Arms of Mercy, Karin Harmse, was nominated for a Woman of Stature Award, and she made it through as finalist. So she made her way to the beautiful Indaba Hotel in Johannesburg for the 2022 Woman of Stature Awards which was held on the 12th of March, and we are so proud to announce that Karin was chosen as the overall WINNER in the ‘Woman in Community’ category!! What an honour!!

We are so happy and proud of you Karin, you truly deserve this recognition from your peers, and award for your work with Arms of Mercy. May God bless you with good health and strength so that you may continue to lead your team do the very important work for the children and their families.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I stood a chance to be the Winner in the category “Woman in Community”. I am still overwhelmed and processing this huge achievement. I am feeling beyond blessed, honoured and grateful. To all the finalists in my category I want to say “you are ALL winners.” I am looking up to all of you and the phenomenal work you are doing. Never be afraid to stand out, you were made to shine.

All Glory to my creator, Jesus Christ. Thank You for calling me to serve in the community by reaching out to children with special needs and making a difference.

* To my husband and friend, thank you for your wonderful support and for always standing in the gap for me. I love you.

* To my AOM Team (my tribe); thank you for your unconditional love and support, together we are a mean team.

* To Charlotte Du Plessis CEO & Founder of Woman of Stature Foundation, thank you for this incredible platform you have created, may you and your team be blessed in abundance.

* To the Judication Panel: Thank You for the incredible work you were doing and believing in me.

* To the community, my employer, my friends and family – thank you for all your love, encouragement as well as everyone who voted and supported me.

I’m buckled up, ready for take-off and the ride of my life.

Karin Harmse
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