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17 April: Miss Arms of Mercy 2021 ~ Fundraising Pageant at The Arto Theatre Pretoria

Miss Arms of Mercy 2021 - Tuane Rademan

We are so grateful to our young AOM Ambassador, Tuane Rademan, for taking the time out of her busy Gr.10 schedule to organise the first of its kind ~ Miss Arms of Mercy 2021 ~ Fundraising Pageant ~ in aid of all our children with cancer and rare diseases who need treatment and therapy. We are very excited and can`t wait to meet everyone! Please Like and Share the Facebook Page, spread the word – we need your support to make this fundraising initiative a huge success!

Miss Arms of Mercy 2021

Date: 17 April 2021
Venue: Arto Theatre, Pretoria
Entry Fee: R350 + R200 Sponsorship
Spectator Fee: R50 per person
Dress Code: Pageant Evening Dress ( no ballgowns)
Junior Registration: 08:30am – Starting at 09:30am
Senior Registration: 13:00pm – Starting at 14:00pm

Juniors: 3-5yr / 6-7yr / 8-9yr / 10-11yr
Seniors: 12-14yr / 15-17yr / 18+ / MRS

Beautiful crowns and sashes to be won!
TOP 3 in each category
Junior overall
Senior overall
Junior Debutant
Senior Debutant
Junior & Senior Miss Congeniality
Best Supporting Modelling School

Entries close: 16 April at 17:00.
Please see Entry Form attached and feel free to contact us, should you have any queries
All entry forms, proof of payment and photo to be emailed to

Banking Details:
T. Rademan
Standard Bank
Acc number: 026092220
Branch code: 051 001
Ref: Please ensure to use the correct reference for example: Name & Entry Fee or Name & Debutant.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Miss Arms of Mercy is a fair and prestigious event.
  2. No make-up for girls under 12yr.
  3. No ballgowns allowed.
  4. Strictly one and a half T-ramp.
  5. All model schools and styles are welcome.
  6. Models must enter the correct age category.
  7. No refunds will be made.
  8. Please be on time as we need to keep to the time slot due to Covid regulations.
  9. No mask, No entry.
  10. Scoresheets will be available afterwards.
  11. Judges` decisions are final.
  12. Any conversations with judges, before or during the pageant, will result in immediate disqualification.
  13. No bad attitudes will be welcomed, we strive to have fun.
  14. We win and loose gracefully.
  15. No food or drinks allowed in the venue. Please support Arto`s Restaurant.

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