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Rest in Peace, Alexis Rhoode – 01/04/2020

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our warrior, Alexis Rhoode, grew her angel wings this morning after an ongoing battle against Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. No one knows what life will bring, no one knows what tomorrow holds. We try to live the best we can, we try to take care of ourselves, and we try to make our journey of life the safest one possible. But – no matter how good, how healthy, how safe we try to be, we can’t hide from the inevitable fact that we are not immortal.

It is times like this when words are difficult, that I wish I could send the family a blank message, knowing that they will feel the heart that has sent the message.

Alexis` family, here is my figurative blank canvas. Here is my blank message to you, one I am not able to put into the right words, but one I know you will be able to feel. One parent to another:

May God give your family all the strength during this time and the days ahead… and loving memories of Alexis, to forever hold in your hearts.

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