NEW Stronger Together Bracelets for Erica & Alexis Rhoode – Neuroblastoma & Breast Cancer

Alexis Hope Rhoode was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer just before she turned 4 years old. Scans showed that her entire body was riddled with Cancer and Alexis immediately started treatment, chemotherapy.

She had abdominal surgery where doctors successfully removed 3 tumors behind her kidney, and continued with chemotherapy and radiation. She was in remission for a few months, but relapsed in August 2016 with a tumor on the brain. She immediately started chemotherapy again and had brain surgery in December 2016. The doctors were convinced she would not make it through surgery, but all went well and the tumor was successfully removed. Alexis was to continue with chemotherapy for another 8 months.

In January 2017, her mother, Erica Rhoode, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, underwent a Lumpectomy in March 2017, and both of them battled their Cancer together. Alexis relapsed once again in June 2018 just before her 7th birthday. She immediately started chemotherapy again and will continue her treatment until September.

Scans done in March showed that the Cancer had cleared, but in the same month Erica received news that she had relapsed, and that her Cancer had now spread to her lungs, liver and bones. She is currently also receiving chemotherapy.

Alexis’ father works full time to support the family. They are taking strain financially because his salary is merely enough to cover their bond, municipal account and other small bills. Any financial assistance are greatly appreciated.

Fundraising for Erica & Alexis Rhoode

The Stronger Together Bracelets for Alexis and Erica cost R30 each, and consists of two sets of bracelets as described below: To place an ordercontact the agent in your area or shop online. Alternatively, please consider a donation towards the cause. Any and all donations welcome.

Pretty in Purple Bracelets for Alexis: Dark purple and lilac wooden beads with crystals – and a Diamante-cross, Butterfly or Hope charm.

Pretty in Pink Bracelets for Erica: Pink wooden beads with crystals – and a Hope-Cancer Awareness Ribbon, a Love-Heart or Flower-Cross charm.

“Together We Are Stronger.”

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