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Liefste Kyra Update 5 October 2019

“Morning everyone, I know you have all been waiting for the MRI scan results, sorry for only posting now. Yesterday morning was a very emotional morning, its NEVER easy to see your child lie on the scan bed with an oxygen pipe in her mouth and you can`t even stand with her and be there, it broke my heart, you just never ever get used to it.

The MRI show that there is no change in her liver, the spots that was there on the previous scan, done in June, is still there, good news is they haven’t spread or got bigger,maybe a bit smaller, there is also no new tumours or anything else anywhere. This is not the news we wanted to hear but at least its all good news even though her liver is not clean yet, at least it did not spread and the spots is not more or bigger, we are still very grateful for the news.

Unfortunately Kyra’s liver has to be clean for her to receive stemcell therapy and after stemcell therapy we hope that we will have enough funds to take her for immunotherapy overseas. Dr Jan du Plessis will also send the doctors her scans and also what treatment she received and what treatment she is going to get just to get their opinion. He is also busy to finalise all her scans and reports to send them overseas so we can start with that process so long, thank you for everything Dr.

Kyra is being discharged today after a week`s chemo which she handles like a pro, even after yesterday`s aneastesia she did not sleep, in fact she had a lot of energy, jumping up and down on the bed, dancing and laughing, only fell asleep at 16h00 yesterday afternoon. But I’m thankful and grateful for all the energy that she has, that she is always busy, even for her tantrums. I will take her tantrums everyday 10000 times over and over as long as she is healthy and happy..

We must be back on the 28th of October where Kyra will begin her new cycle of chemo, a different one that works differently.

We still trust in God and know that she will be healed and we thank Him for the very good news even though it was not the news we wanted to hear. We are still grateful for any good news no matter how small..

Thank you for everyone`s messages and prayers we appreciate you all so much.” – Liefste Kyra

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