Update on Keanu - 25 January 2019 #Cure4Keanu

#Cure4Keanu – Update 25 January 2019

#Cure4Keanu – Update 25 January 2019

Wow!!!! Read the wonderful news about Keanu’s journey. Our hope and trust is in our Lord Jesus Christ that he will not relapse, and that we will be able to cover the outstanding cost for the DFMO treatment. Watch this space as Arms of Mercy will launch a brand new bracelet for Keanu to assist with his fundraising!

UPDATE via KEANU ons Superkind / #Cure4Keanu, 25 January 2019

“As most of you know, Keanu will be receiving his last round of immunotherapy in February. Fortunately, there were no unforeseen/additional medical treatments required during his stay in Barcelona. This is great news, because Sant Joan De Deu Children’s Hospital required a lump sum up front payment for the treatment, which includes a contingency amount for unforeseen/additional medical treatments, as well as a predetermined amount of hospital stays which was barely used. Therefore, Cure4Keanu does not need to pay the outstanding amount and might still get a portion of the money back that was already paid to SJD. Thank you to all who made it possible for Keanu to receive this truly lifesaving treatment!

So, what happens next?

Colette and Andre consulted with Keanu’s doctors at home and in Barcelona, as well as MSK (vaccine trial) and Helen Devos Hospital (DFMO trial). Both the vaccine trial and the DFMO trial are maintenance treatments, designed to prevent relapse. Due to the astronomical cost of the vaccine trial and the favourable results of the previous DFMO trial, Colette and Andre decided to enroll Keanu on the DFMO trial. Keanu and Colette will therefore be flying to Grand Rapids, USA for 6-10 times in the next 2 years to receive the DFMO medication and have check-ups with Dr Sholler who is running the trial.

The good news is that if we can manage to raise the remainder of the funds to fill the thermometer, we will be able to cover the cost of the DFMO trial and all other related costs. We are therefore R900 000 away from being able to cover all of Keanu’s treatment… to ensure a long and healthy life for him!

Please pray that Keanu stays cancer free, as the DFMO trial will not be possible if he had to relapse before the trial start date. Keanu will have his last round of evaluations at the end of February in Barcelona to determine if he is still NED (no evidence of decease).

Watch out for our following post where we will explain what DFMO is and more about the trial.”

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