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Fundraising for Angelique Du Rand – VACTERL Association

Angelique Du Rand

Angelique`s story:

Angelique Du Rand was diagnosed with severe congenital scoliosis and thoracic insufficiency due to VACTERL association after birth. This is a rare disorder, and in 2006, quite unknown. VACTERL stands for vertebral defects, anal atresia, cardiac defects, tracheo-esophageal fistula, renal anomalies, and limb abnormalities. A child has to have at least 3 of these birth defects to be considered as such. Angelique had all and more; some more serious than the other.

Because no two VACTERL babies are the same, and all defects differ, she had to be seen by different departments at Tygerburg Hospital. This meant she had no specific doctor that mentored her case, and she was left untreated for too long – her spinal curve, that was only one but the most serious of all her disabilities, would deteriorate so progressively that she developed thoracic insufficiency. This was life-threatening and she has recessive demunitive lung disease (diagnosed two years before). This meant that her heart and lungs would not heal and without surgery, she would die.

This brave girl went into surgery and a MAGEC Rod was inserted and screwed to her spine. This rod was then Electromagnetically lengthened from outside the body as she grew. The MAGEC Rod was Magic. But the aftercare treatment of a public hospital traumatized and scarred her for life as the pain levels was poorly controlled. Angelique does not want to return to Tygerburg and is severely stressed.

As the Rod was elongated, her lungs were better instantly. She was breathing easier, but after a few lengthenings she started complaining of severe back pain and neck pain. It became clear something was very wrong.

Angelique is now walking with a broken screw in her neck where the Rod is broken. For more than six months this Rod couldn’t be set and her body is not strong enough to hold her up without it. Breathing is more troublesome.

Her mother would move her to U.C.T if she could get funding. She is trying to get funding for a private hospital, but is running out of time and cannot find permanent employment that is prepared to grant her leave for 6 weeks. Losing her rental place and putting all of her other debt aside is definitely a sacrifice she would gladly accept, but she has nowhere to go with her sick child when Angelique is released from hospital.

Visit Angelique spinal fusion on Facebook for more details on her other anomalies, and live updates on her journey.

Fundraising for Angelique Du Rand

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