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Fundraising for Nickholis Kleinhans – Autism

Nickholis Kleinhans

Nickholis` story:

A quick visit to the GP for an ear infection turned into an eight year long nightmare when the doctor noticed that his head circumference is very big. Nickholis Kleinhans was seen by 18 different doctors and specialists, underwent 2 CT scans and 1 MRI scan, and blood tests for any possible syndrome or disease; but no one could exactly tell what is wrong with him. Doctor number 18 made the Autism diagnosis.

An Autistic Child in a Non-Autistic World

“Nickholis Kleinhans is a twelve-year-old Autistic boy who is defying all odds. At the very beginning of his diagnosis we thought he had no future. However, he is now living his dream as apprentice farmer. He is very quick to say that he is a farmer in his heart, and that is the way God made him.

Nickholis is currently on the Family Hope Center program, with his mother as his therapist and teacher. Even though he is flourishing in life, he is still facing some challenges, which are his ability to talk. He is a very enthusiastic extrovert, and it makes it difficult for him when people can’t understand him. He also has some developmental delays which may keep him from living his dream as a farmer one day.

He is on a variety of medication and supplements to help him, and he uses a range of oils and therapeutic aids to help him deal with life and develop skills many take for granted.

Nickholis has grown very much, it is amazing to see a twelve-year-old that knows what God’s purpose for his life is.

He has one big dream, and that is starting a Youtube channel where he speaks about his faith and his farming. He is a very big Burre Burger fan. And dreams of one-day doing what he does.”

▶ Nickholis needs to be seen by the Family Hope Center specialists once a year. These appointments costs $5600.

▶ His parents are in need of accommodation and transport as well for the time being of the appointments, since the Family Hope Center sees their patients in Gauteng, and they live Oudtshoorn, Western Cape.

▶ Nickholis has to be on a very strict, expensive diet for this program to work at its full potential.

▶ He needs Cranio Sacral Fascia therapy which is in another town, away from where they live.

▶ They are also in need of a Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber – this therapy is essential to Nickholis’ healing. The closest Mild Hyperbaric facility is about 400km away and a session is very expensive.

▶ Furthermore, Nickholis needs to take daily supplements as he uses high dosages of medication to suppress the symptoms.

Please support our fundraiser for Nickholis by purchasing his “Awesome Autism Awareness” Bracelets – all proceeds are donated towards his ongoing medical expenses where needed.

Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Nickholis Kleynhans.

Fundraising for Nickholis Kleinhans

Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC

Autism Awareness Bracelets

The “Awesome Autism Awareness” Bracelets for Nickholis consist of wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Colour options: Blue / Gold / Red.

Charm options: Bell / Joy / Dove – each combined with a Puzzle piece.

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Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC
Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets

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