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NEW Infinity & Beyond Collection for Zoë Strydom

Infinity & Beyond Collection for Zoë Strydom © Arms of Mercy NPC

Our little Zoë princess was admitted to hospital yesterday with intestinal obstruction. Please keep Zoë as well as her parents in your prayers, it has been a very long and difficult road thus far. Help us raise funds… Read More

Amazing Grace Bracelets for Zoë Strydom – Monomorphic PTLD

Zoë Strydom

Zoë Strydom was born on the 13th of July 2017. Seven weeks later she was diagnosed with “billiary atresia” and had the Kasai procedure at 8 weeks. Since then little Zoë has suffered liver failure, had a liver transplant, and in June this year they discovered that she has Monomorphic PTLD. Zoë and her parents need financial support. Learn more about Zoë and her journey.