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Fundraising for Mea Lily Meyer – Meningitis

Mea Lily Meyer

Mea`s story:

Mea Lily Meyer was 4 years old when she contracted Meningitis. During her 6 month stay in hospital she had numerous strokes as well as heart failure, and had to receive a pacemaker.

She is currently 8 years old and has a trachea, and is permanently on a ventilator. Mea can only go for rehab once a week as the medical aid only pays for one session.

Although she has the ability to learn, she can not attend school at all due to her dependence on the ventilator.

In the meantime, Mea`s family made contact with a company in America that can supply a diaphragm pacemaker for her. The Pulmonoligist who assessed Mea also agree she is a good candidate for such a pacemaker, which can be done in South-Africa at The Wilgers hospital.

Unfortunately this will cost R500 000. Her mother had to quit her job at a school for children with learning disabilities when Mea fell ill. They are trying their best to provide and attend to all Mea’s needs with one income.

Please support our fundraiser for Mea-Lily; all proceeds from the “Purple Perfection” bracelets are donated towards her medical care and expenses.

Alternatively, please consider a donation, all donations welcome. REF: Mea-Lily Meyer.

Facebook group: BID VIR MEA

Fundraising for Mea Lily Meyer

Purple Perfection Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC

Purple Perfection Bracelets

Purple Perfection Bracelets for Mea Lily; consisting of dark purple and silver wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Charm options: Cross / angel wings / praying hands.

Purple Perfection Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC
Purple Perfection Bracelets

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