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Fundraising for Logan van Aswegen – Infantile seizures, Frontal temporal brain atrophy, Cerebral Palsy

Logan van Aswegen

Logan`s story:

Baby Logan van Aswegen, from Betlehem in the Free State, was born on the 10th of July 2018, normal birth and weighing 3.4 kg. A month later his health started deteriorating and his weight dropped to just above 2 kg. He stopped gaining weight and his development was poor, but even after being hospitalized several times, and after many blood tests at 4 and a half months, the results still came back clear.

In November 2018 he started having seizures and ended up back in hospital on oxygen and drip, but the blood test came back clear again and they couldn’t find anything wrong. The next day Logan went for a CT scan which showed that he has brain damage and was diagnosed with infantile seizures, frontal temporal brain atrophy and cerebral palsy.

Logan is now 12 months old and can`t sit by himself yet. He still has seizures and is currently on Tegratol for fits, and is seeing a private Physio for treatment. For his lungs it`s a struggle and he received a donation for a nebulizer to use at home. He is also seeing a dietician as his weight is currently only 5.8 kg. He doesn’t pick up weight easily and when sick, the weight loss is a problem. The specialist who is seeing Logan on a 3 month basis said that it`s all up to development now as everything that could be done medically for him, has been done.

Logan`s mother resigned from her job at the end of December 2018 and is not part of his life`s journey. He is in foster care with his grandmother as he needs 24 hour care and supervision.

His development is slow, currently the equivalent of 6-7 months for a year old baby. Granny needs help to raise funds for him to see a private doctor as soon as possible as the last scans were done in Nov 2018; and she wishes to start physiotherapy through swimming classes and stimulation classes. She has worked at a facility for disabled children a few years ago and is using all her knowledge to help Logan. They also need funds to travel to Bleomfontein for eye- and hearing tests.

Please open your heart to baby Logan, his grandmother and their current situation. All proceeds from his “My Saviour Bracelets” are donated towards his ongoing medical care and expenses.

Fundraising for Logan van Aswegen

My Saviour Bracelets

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Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Logan van Aswegen.

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