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Fundraising for Kyra Burger – Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer

Kyra Burger

Kyra`s story:

Kyra Burger was born on 15 August 2017, a healthy little baby. She went to daycare for the first time in January 2018; and on the following day her tummy started to work constantly. A Pediatrician was contacted for advice who suspected a case of diarrhea, and so an appointment was scheduled for the next day. During consultation he layed her down flat on her back and pressed on her stomach when he felt her liver was enlarged.

A Sonar, X-rays, and blood tests followed which gave the family hope for any positive news, but sadly Kyra was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer on the 15th of January 2018.

On 18 July 2018 she had her 8th and last chemotherapy session after eight long weeks.

Kyra and family made their way to Grootte Schuur Hospital in Cape Town on 1 July 2020, to start her bonemarrow process, and they will be there until the end of August. Please join us in prayer for everything to go well with the transplant, and that Kyra will stay strong through the whole process.

Update 20 July 2020: “Kyra is going into the theatre to get a femur line which they use to harvest stem-cells. It’s a quick procedure but looks so painful when she came out she was taken to the ward and the harvesting began.

I think it was an hour, all of a sudden the machine made a sound and the sister jumped up from her chair, clearly very very happy. Don’t ask me why because I don’t understand all this terms but it was good news Kyra was connected to the machine until 16h00, in this time there was already stem-cells and sister took a sample to send to the lab to get tested and see if its enough and if they can use it. WELL !!!! they managed to harvest double the quantity that they needed so she will get a very good graft, IN ONE DAY!!! Harvesting stem-cells can take up to 4 days but yet again God answered my prayers, Kyra gave enough in one day. Thank you Lord!!

We stayed the night in hospital. Yesterday, 21 July, they had to remove the femur line. Luckily they gave her a bit of sedation because it really looked painful and the Dr. had to press on the wound to stop bleeding for about 15min because the femur line went into a very big vein. My heart broke for my little girl, that she has to go through all this is not fair, NO CHILD DESERVES THIS!!!

We were discharged when she was better but after about 3 hours at home we had to return to hospital as the wound started bleeding and her platelets were low so she had to get platelets again. But after she received the platelets we came home.

Her hair also started falling out very fast, everywhere is hair even though you prepare yourself that it is going to happen again, it still breaks your heart in a million pieces. Everywhere she sits, walks or lies, there is hair but she is such a strong brave warrior of God, she amazes me everyday how strong she is. I just wish I could take her place

On Sunday, 26 July we will be admitted in hospital, this will now become our home for the next month. On Monday Kyra will start her chemo for 7 days. Please keep her in your prayers as she still has to go a long way. One thing I have witnessed yet again is that God answers prayers, you just have to believe and let God take control.” – via Facebook

Like Kyra`s Facebook page to follow her journey and for live updates.

Fundraising for Kyra Burger

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