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Fundraising for Kyla De Kock – Stage III Breast Cancer & HER2+ Cancer

Kyla De Kock

Kyla`s story:

“Kyla is a bubbly, spontaneous 27 year old mom of a 4 year old boy. With a zest for life, every person who comes her way can testify.

Kyla’s journey began in August 2021 where she noticed a slight discharge in her bra. It was strange to her, but because she did not feel physically ill or hurt it did not worry her much. She then decided to make an appointment with her family doctor for an examination. On 24 August 2021 she was diagnosed with Fibrositis (which made sense to her because her mother, and sister were diagnosed with it). The doctor informed her that it is not dangerous and there is not really anything they can do to to treat it, but did give a reference for a sonar just for better peace of mind.

On the 26th of August she went for a sonar, where the family doctor contacted her and diagnosed her with breast cancer, she was referred from there to a surgeon to discuss it further. On the 30th of August, she went to see the surgeon where she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.

Kyla requested a 2nd opinion from another Surgeon on the 3rd of September, where he suggested to do a double mastectomy because she is still so young and prevent the cancer from spreading, and also that they can determine what type of chemo she should receive.

On 13 September 2021, the medical aid fund informed her that they were terminating her fund because she did not disclose her diagnosis. Note: a diagnosis she was not aware of at all! Her Double Mastectomy was scheduled for the 24th of September, which had to be paid for in cash. She also had to get 2 blood transfusions. They removed all her breast tissue as well as 3 of the glands in her breast.

On 9 October 2021, Kyla received her results back from the Oncologist and she was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer as well as HER2 + a fast growing cancer. The Oncologist also suggested that she should go back to the theater to remove the rest of the glands.

We as Family and Friends’ feet have been knocked out from under us. Kyla should go for further scans and tests to determine if the cancer has spread. She must also start within the next week (around 18 October 2021) with aggressive chemo, chemo not offered by the state. She will then receive her chemo every 3 weeks, and also has to go for radiation afterwards.

The Oncologist explains that Kyla only has this one chance to do the treatment right to prevent the cancer from spreading or coming back.

In today’s economy, it is humanly impossible to pay for those types of funds yourself. We, as Family and Friends, thought well of taking hands and trying to lighten the Battle for her. Therefore, we are launching this fundraiser and reaching out to the community in an effort to be able to pay her medical expenses in full. All funds will be used strictly for medical expenses only. Any funds, small or large, will be warmly appreciated.”

Update 12 January 2022 via Kyla`s Journey: “Yesterday was one of the harder days. The sonar results are unfortunately not what we prayed for. The “spot” on Kyla’s liver got bigger, she also has 3 extra on her liver. The doctors themselves are amazed at the results of the sonar because it does not happen in someone who gets the “Red devil” as most people know it. She starts with Herceptin on Thursday, it will be much stronger than the “red devil” she received now. It’s expected to make her a lot sicker. For now, we are asking for prayers for Kyla in these difficult times. We trust God’s plan for her life and know that He alone will carry her through here.”

Please open your heart to Kyla and support our fundraising efforts – all proceeds from the “Kyla`s Journey” bracelets are donated towards her ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we CAN make a difference.

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Kyla De Kock.

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Fundraising for Kyla De Kock

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