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Fundraising for Janique Venter – Neuroblastoma Cancer

Janique Venter

Janique`s story:

Janique Venter was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer at the very young age of 6 months.

A short while after Janique’s 14-week injection she broke out in small little bumps on her chin. By the next morning, her whole body was covered, and she was taken to the doctor who then proceeded to put her on treatment for Measles for a week.

The following week a bump was discovered on the right side of her neck, just under the ear. It was small, round and hard, and so she was back at the doctor again the next day. This time he said it`s Mumps, but the bump grew bigger. Sometimes it moved up and down, and also grew larger and smaller at times. Janique was on treatment and medication for longer than 2 months, yet, the “mumps” just wouldn`t go away. This was the point where it was decided that she should see a Pediatrician as she was simply not getting healthier.

The Pediatrician did a check-up on Janique, but she also didn`t know what it is, or what caused it. She drew some blood from the other side of her neck, and also prescribed a course of medication to treat the bronchitis that Janique had at the time.

She referred them to Rosepark the following day for X-Rays, a Sonar, and more blood tests. The results came back, but they couldn`t see clearly on the X-rays or the Sonar. They were then referred to a Chirurg at Universitas` Netcare. It was suggested that Janique go for a biopsy, but the biopsy was postponed with a week due to her Bronchitis.

The real turning point came one morning during nappy change. Janique turned blue, her body turned stiff, and her eyes were rolling back in her head. She received prompt CPR at home and snapped back to consciousness. The reason why she stopped breathing was due to the bump that`s pushing against her windpipe.

Little Janique finally went for the Biopsy, but was referred to the Cancer department as they still did not know 100% what was the matter. More X-rays, Sonar and blood tests followed the next day… after that, it was the CT scan that showed Neuroblastoma Cancer. The doctors wanted to operate immediately, but according to the CT Scan, the bump was too large and causing too much pressure against the air-pipe. They did not want to take chances.

Update 17/02/2022: To date, none of the chemotherapy treatments available have been effective. Unfortunately surgery has never been an option, as the placement of the tumor makes removing it a life-threatening operation. With the continuing growth of the tumor her health has been rapidly deteriorating, and there’s absolutely no treatment plan available in SA to help Janique. Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas, is her very last option where gene targeted therapy is used through antineoplastons to treat neuroblastoma with highly promising results.

Janique is waiting for more than 1 year to raise the necessary funds to give her a chance on life. Yes, we need ALL your prayers, miracles still happen, however we CANNOT sit back and wait for a miracle to happen!!! No, we need to take action and HELP JANIQUE to get the very last option treatment which she requires for survival. To our AOM Supporters & Donors: We need your help more than ever before. If you are able to help with a fundraising event, please get in touch with me, Karin Harmse on 076 463 0821 or send an email to TIME IS RUNNING OUT and we need R700 000. Please Please Please, share this far and wide so we can reach as many people as possible.

Like Help and prayers for Princess Janique on Facebook for live updates on her progress and journey.

Fundraising for Janique Venter

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