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Fundraising for Mikyla Pretorius – Juxtapapillary Retinal Capillary Hemangioma & Hydrocephalus

Mikyla Pretorius

Mikyla`s story:

Mikyla Pretorius – She epitomizes grit and determination.

Mikyla was unknowingly born with a condition called Acute Hydrocephalus 16 years ago, but has never let this stop her from attending mainstream schooling and achieving good marks in her grades. She is currently a 10th grade student at Goudveld High School in Welkom.

Late last year during the final exams of grade 9, Mikyla told her parents she is experiencing difficulty studying because something was disturbing her vision. After consulting a local optometrist and ophthalmologist, her parents Johan and Claudene decided to consult with Dr. Lynette Venter in Bloemfontein for further testing of the eyes and possible treatment options. Mikyla was diagnosed with Juxtapapillary retinal capillary hemangioma — a rare eye condition. On Dr. Venter’s recommendation, Mikyla also had an MRI scan of her brain where it was discovered by Dr. Dan Hugo that she had Acute Hydrocephalus.

With both these conditions comes a great deal of difficulty in her life, and several operations will be required to get things back to a sense of normalcy. In order for her to have these though, a substantial amount of money will need to be raised, which is where your help is desperately needed.

After the eye condition was first discovered, Dr. Venter recommended that Mikyla receive a series of Avastin injections into both her eyes due to bleeding behind her left eye and the risk in her right eye. Mikyla returned to Dr Venter in March for her check-up and further tests were conducted. However, there was only a slight change in both eyes. Dr Venter recommended further treatment, namely laser treatment followed by eye surgery. She also discovered that there was a certain amount of new bleeding behind the left eye.

Mikyla has to put an enormous amount of effort into completing her school work, often working late into the night and early morning. She is prone to headaches, migraines and nausea and lately is feeling immense pressure in her brain. Both Dr. Venter and Dr. Hugo have been extremely accommodating and they have arranged that if sufficient money can be raised, the laser eye treatment will take place on the 18th of March and the brain operation will take place in late May this year.

In between, Mikyla hopes to continue her education as classes are very important to her. To add to all their woes, Johan lost his job in June 2020 and is working alongside his wife in Web Development from home. In the hope of raising some of the funds, he is arranging a Charity Golf Day with the support of Brand Mashie Golf Course. The date will be advised. All previous costs, in excess of R50,000, have been covered with the help of family, friends, a local church in Odendaalsrus, and by the Grace of God.

For the next two operations, they need to raise a minimum of R220,000 for the operations to take place. If YOU can help with any donation they will be eternally grateful. They have already arranged with an Advocate in Pretoria that if they manage to raise any additional funds, these funds will be used for other young people with the same type of conditions.

Please open you heart and support our fundraising initiative; all proceeds are donated to Mikyla`s ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we can change the world, one bracelet at a time!

Follow Mikyla Hulpfonds on Facebook for live updates on her progress and journey.

Fundraising for Mikyla Pretorius

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Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Mikyla Pretorius.

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Fundraising for Joshua Naicker – Hydrocephalus

Joshua Naicker

Joshua`s story:

Hydrocephalus affects 1 in every 500 babies, the cause is still unknown, it can happen to anyone….

Joshua Naicker was born premature at 33 weeks gestation 20 June 2016, his head circumference of 45cm was more then his length of 43cm to emphasize the amount of access fluid in his brain. He had the first brain operation to insert a VP shunt at 10 days old. The doctors did not expect him to survive, he was on a ventilator and we had many setbacks, he started having seizures and his brain was hemorrhaging losing large amounts of blood. He had several blood and plasma infusions to keep him alive. He spent the first 2 months in Neonatal ICU, he fought like a champion and pulled through.

He is dependent on a shunt to live (a thin piece of plastic tubing with a catheter) which drains the fluid from his brain to his stomach. He has developed many conditions as a result of Hydrocephalus, namely Cerebral Palsy (Hemiplegia), severe Cortical Visual Impairment, Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Chiari Malformation , Scoliosis, missing Septum Pellucidum, global developmental delay and Hypertonia. We are just an average couple with no significant medical history, so having a medically complex child has been a great shock to us.

He has had a total of 5 operations in his short existence, 3 of them being brain surgeries, uncountable hours of therapy and doctors appointments. His daily activities are so challenging and he cannot perform any tasks independently such as sitting, standing, crawling, playing, eating or drinking. He needs an Occupational therapist, Physio therapist, Speech therapist, Vision therapist and also requires us or a caregiver to carry out these various therapies on a daily basis. Although he has many conditions, the fighting spirit in this child is remarkable, he has come such a long way and is getting very close to sitting and crawling each day. He is beating the odds and with the right treatment and therapy has a chance at developing normally.

Stem cell treatment will help him have a better quality of life and we are hoping it will specifically help with his vision as he is practically blind. Stem cells have the ability to regenerate and repair the damaged brain cells. Duke University in America has performed thousands of stem cell infusions specifically for children born with this condition. The results have always been positive, helping the child with one or more functions, we can never determine exactly how it would help in each case but considering the many conditions Joshua has, even eliminating one of them would be a huge success.

From the time he was born we have done our best to manage this extremely difficult and expensive situation on our own, the financial toll on our family is overwhelming and we need to ask for financial help to fund Joshua’s stem cell treatment and continued therapy there after. The stem cell treatment needs to be done before Joshua turns 2 years (20 June 2018) in order to guarantee the highest success rate possible. Please open your hearts to give this little warrior a chance at living a “normal” life.

— Phillecia & Bradley Naicker

Fundraising for Joshua Naicker

Delightful Teal Bracelets for Joshua; consisting of teal and silver wooden beads – with a Hope-Awareness Ribbon, Little dove, or Faith charm.

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Alternatively, please consider a donation. All donations welcome. REF: Joshua Naicker.

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