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Fundraising for Rhyn Scheepers – Diffuse Low Grade Glioma

Rhyn Scheepers

Rhyn`s story:

Rhyn Scheepers is the son of Carmen and Martin Scheepers who hails from Bloemfontein. At 7 months old they noticed shaking in his left arm and took him to a Pediatrician who suspected epilepsy. An EEG showed he was clean, but the MRI showed a small spot in the middle of the right brain lobe.

At first they suspected Leukodystrophy Demyelination. Another visit to a Neurosurgeon in Pretoria showed the possibility of a lower-grade tumor. The doctor also took Rhyn`s scans and blood results to a Convention of more than 1000 medical professionals. Fifty percent of them were Neurologists who were just as puzzled and unsure. It was suggested that they wait 6 months.

On the 22nd of February 2018, Rhyn had brain surgery, but only 30% of the tumor could be removed as it was intertwined with the brain. The part that stretches to the other side could not be touched as it would leave him paralyzed.

After two years of no diagnoses, two year old Rhyn Scheepers was finally diagnosed by St Judes Children Hospital overseas. This little guy has gone through so many scans and also a big brain operation, but he handled all of this like a champ.

Rhyn is diagnosed with a Diffuse Low Grade Glioma. In short, this means that he has a tumor that is growing very slowly. There is unfortunately no cure. The treatment described is chemo. But also, chemo can’t cure this type of cancer. It can stop the tumor from growing while he is using the chemo, but unfortunately that is all that can be done.

Mommy and Daddy decided to wait with chemo. Rhyn has no symptoms at all. They want to try and save their little boy’s life with prayer and a boost of natural products. Products that has cured people and shrunken tumors. Unfortunately no medical fund pays for natural treatment and it is very expensive.

Please support our fundraising initiative – all proceeds from the “Dream Big Little One” bracelets are donated towards his ongoing medical expenses that are not covered. Together we CAN make a difference in Rhyn`s life, and give him a fighting chance.

Alternatively, please consider a donation, any and all donations welcome. REF: Rhyn Scheepers. 

Fundraising for Rhyn Scheepers

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