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NEW Little Hero Bracelets for Jandré Van Coller – Early Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Fundraising for Jandré Van Coller - Arms of Mercy NPC

Jandré’s story: Jandré Van Coller is a three year old boy from Boksburg who has been sick for a very long time, but doctors struggled to diagnose him. On the 29th of May 2019, Jandré has been diagnosed… Read More

‘With a little help from my friends’ Fundraiser in Aid of Joshua Nel – Baxter Concert Hall – 2 October


You are invited to attend ‘With a little help from my friends”, a fundraiser benefit concert for 3 very special warriors, one of which is Joshua Nel, who is currently fighting Malignant Aggressive Stage IV Pineoblastoma Brain Cancer…. Read More

NEW Fairytale Bracelets for Arizona Hoy – Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer

Arizona Hoy

Arizona`s story: Arizona Hoy is only 4 years old and has recently been diagnosed with High-Risk Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer. She has a tumor located on her left adrenal gland which has spread (metastasized) from its primary location to multiple lymph… Read More

Join the Fight Against Cancer this September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – NEW Going Gold Bracelet

september childhood cancer awareness month - gold childhood cancer awareness bracelet - arms of mercy npc

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month In South Africa, an average of 800 to 1000 children are newly diagnosed with cancer each year. Childhood cancers share general symptoms with other illnesses; knowing the warning signs can be vital… Read More

NEW Warrior Princess Bracelets for Skylar Meyer – Stage II Neuroblastoma Cancer


Skylar`s story: Skylar Meyer`s journey started on the 27th of June when her parents took her into Margate Hospital to get her belly button checked out due to it changing colour. After about 5 hours of scans and… Read More

NEW Be Brave Bracelets for Joshua Nel – Malignant Aggressive Stage IV Pineoblastoma Brain Cancer

Joshua`s story: Joshua Nel was born by emergency C-section in 2004, at 28 weeks gestation, weighing a healthy 1200g . During his 6 week hospitilization, he had one blood transfusion, three hernia operations and suffered jaundice, to name… Read More

Update Cathrin Botha: Leukemia is back – Urgent prayers and funds needed

prayers for cathrin botha leukemia

Dear AOM friends and supporters, We have just received the very sad news that Cathrin Botha had a relapse; the leukemia is back, Cancer in her bone marrow is 73%. They will be booking in at Universitas Hospital… Read More

Mandela Day: Limited Edition “Madiba Bracelets” in support of CHOC!


This year we have chosen Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa (CHOC) as beneficiary of all the proceeds made from our Limited Edition “Madiba Bracelets”, in support of all the amazing work they do and positive change they bring about in the children`s lives. Let the Madiba Bracelets remind you to do something good, not just on Mandela Day, but everyday!

NEW Stronger Together Bracelets for Erica & Alexis Rhoode – Neuroblastoma & Breast Cancer

Alexis Hope Rhoode was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer just before she turned 4 years old. Scans showed that her entire body was riddled with Cancer and Alexis immediately started treatment, chemotherapy. She had abdominal… Read More

I Survived Sarcoma Cancer Bracelets for Chereez Nel

I Survived Sarcoma Cancer Bracelets for Chereez Nel - Arms of Mercy NPC

Chereez`s USA trip was made possible in August 2018 and she had the privilege to receive 2 months of treatment she desperately required. 6 Weeks after her return to South Africa, more test were done and on the… Read More

NEW Ruby Red Bracelets for Cathrin Botha – Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Cathrin Botha - Fundraising - Arms of Mercy NPC

Ruby Red Bracelets for Cathrin Botha – Leukemia (AML). On 24 January 2019, Cathrin (13 months old at the time), was admitted to Wilmed Park in Klerksdorp. Doctors suspected glandular fever…

Keanu Moore is Cancer Free!

keanu moore is cancer free

Amazing news, Keanu Moore is cancer free!! Our prayers will be with you with the next step of your journey our little superman.. Neuroblastoma cancer..

NEW Endless Love Bracelets for Kyra Burger *Limited Edition

Limited Edition Endless Love Bracelets - Kyra Burger © Arms of Mercy NPC

Limited Edition Endless Love Bracelets for Kyra Burger; dusty-pink & silver beads with diamante-ball or diamante-flower charm… Neuroblastoma Cancer..

NEW Picture Perfect Bracelets for Janique Venter *Limited Edition

Picture Perfect Bracelets for Janique Venter - Arms of Mercy NPC

New Limited Edition Picture Perfect Bracelets for Janique Venter; consisting of white & silver wooden beads with Glitter ball or Diamante Butterfly charm..

Mom shares how Gorlin Goltz Syndrome has affected the lives of Reece and family

Reece gorlin goltz syndrome

Mom shares how Gorlin Goltz Syndrome has affected the lives of Reece and family Update 07/03/2019. “How has gorlins affected our lives… My little man was diagnosed 3 years with a horrible disease. He has been fighting it… Read More

Lilac Blossom Bracelets vir Tiana van Blerk – Neuroblastoma

Tiana van Blerk

`n Biopsie was gedoen op haar beenmurg en die groot gewas en sy is gediagnoseer met High Risk Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.. Lilac Blossom Bracelets vir Tiana..

Keanu in Barcelona – Update 30 December 2018

keanu in barcelona - cure4keanu

After 9 months of fundraising, Keanu has finally made it to SJD Children’s Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. Finding our way, especially with the communication barrier, was rather difficult in the beginning.

Neuroblastoma Cancer in Children – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Neuroblastoma Cancer in Children - Arms of Mercy NPC

A brief introduction to Neuroblastoma Cancer in Children, what signs and sympoms to look out for and various treatment options… What is Neuroblastoma?

Unicorn Bracelets for Katelyn Brand – Neuroblastoma

Katelyn Brand

Katelyn`s story: Katelyn Brand was diagnosed with Grade 4 Embryonal Central Nervous System Neuroblastoma – a very rare form of brain cancer, in November 2017. She had extensive surgery to remove the tumor and started with chemo in the same month. Katelyn is currently… Read More

Powered by Love Bracelets for Peet Pretorius – Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Peet Pretorius

Peet Pretorius was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) on the 6th of April 2017, after almost a year of walking with unbelievable pain in his legs. At first, three doctors and a pediatrician reduced it to growing pains. It was… Read More