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Fundraising for Brody Van Der Schyff – CHARGE Syndrome, Type II Caudal Regression Syndrome

Brody Van Der Schyff

Brody`s story:

“Brody Van Der Schyff, a 2-year-old resident from KZN, South Africa, was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called CHARGE Syndrome when he was just 1.5 months old in 2021. Brody has spent more than 60% of his life in hospital, fighting life-threatening recurring bacterial infections. 

Brody was born with a Horseshoe kidney and Grade IV Vesicoureteral. He had multiple surgeries to try prevent infections and UTI’s. Due to Genital abnormalities, Brody underwent Ureteral reimplantation surgery before he was a year old. At the age of 18 months Brody went into Kidney failure and had his Horseshoe kidney separated and received a Left radical nephrectomy in December 2022. 

Over the last 7 months Brody had been living in absolute agony with 7 recurring E.COLI infections and multiple skin infections with constant itching and severe abdominal pain! On the 17th of July 2023 he was admitted for 19 days where they discovered he has a cyst on his right kidney, an inguinal hernia, a neurogenic bladder and multiple issues in his spine. After an MRI was done, he was diagnosed with Type II Caudal Regression Syndrome. 

His inguinal hernia repair surgery has provisionally been booked for the 19th of August 2023. 

We have been told by a Neurosurgeon that Brody would need spinal cord surgery to assist with the tethered cord as he can lose total control of his lower body. We will now first see a pediatric Neurologist to get a better understanding of what is going on in the spine as there are multiple issues to be looked at, and then we will see a Neurosurgeon to discuss what needs to happen and when. Brody will always have a neurogenic bladder, and this can lead to kidney damage. Due to Brody only having 1 precious Horseshoe Kidney, we need to protect his kidney. Brody has no bladder function control. His bladder does not empty out and this is what is causing the requiring Infections! We have been referred to go see a Pediatric Urologist In Umhlanga on the 24th of August to discuss a way forward for the neurogenic bladder.”

Please open your heart and support our fundraiser for Brody by purchasing one of his bracelets, two, or the whole set of three. All proceeds from the “Brody in Charge Bracelets” are donated towards his ongoing treatment, medical care and expenses. Together we CAN make a positive difference!

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Brody van der Schyff.

Fundraising for Brody Van Der Schyff

Brody in Charge Bracelets

The Brody in Charge Bracelets” for consist of blue, coffee and white wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Charm options:
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Fundraising for Mia Booyens – Multiple Genetic Disorders

Mia Booyens

Mia`s story:

Mia Booyens has been through so much already in her short life. In 2016 she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome, CHARGE Syndrome, Noonan Syndrome, Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and Coloboma of the iris. Mia also had open-heart surgery at Netcare Unitas Hospital in Centurion in 2017.

Though doctors did not see any chance of her being able to talk, crawl or walk; she beat the odds and today she is both talking and crawling.

She went for physio to see if it would help her to walk, and it helped a lot, but it still wasn’t enough to get Mia to walk. She then went on to the Netcare Jakaranda Hospital in Pretoria where the doctor determined that the tendons of her feet were too short. He also discovered that her hips were out on both sides by 50%.

Mia has to go in for procedures to lengthen both her feet`s tendons as well as a hip operation. After that, she again has to go back to physio so that she can learn to walk, and for assistance during the recovering process.

Please help us raise funds for Mia`s – all proceeds from the sales of her bracelets are donated towards her ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we can give her a better quality life and a brighter future.

Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Mia Booyens.

Fundraising for Mia Booyens

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