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NEW Puzzle of My Heart Bracelets for Janu Swart – Cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy

Fundraising for Janu Swart - Arms of Mercy NPC

Janu`s story: Janu Swart, from Klerksdorp, was born premature at 29 weeks. He had a birth weight of 1.29kg and thrived, but by the time he was 10 months old he could not sit on his own yet… Read More

NEW – Unstoppable Bracelets for Hein Muller – Cerebral Palsy

Fundraising for Hein Muller - Cerebral Palsy - Arms of Mercy NPC

Hein`s story – The wheels to heels journey! Hein Muller is a 10 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He is very delayed in all his developmental milestones and needs 24 hour care and supervision. He was able… Read More

NEW – Little Soldier Bracelets for Divan Conway – Lissencephaly, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy

Divan Conway

Divan`s story: Divan Conway is a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with Lissencephaly (smooth brain), Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy (West Syndrome). He currently weighs 29kg, he can not walk or talk at all, and his mum… Read More

NEW – You are my Sunshine Bracelets for Mikayla Brown – Cerebral Palsy

Mikayla`s story: Mikayla Brown was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was 9 months old. She is unable to talk, sit, crawl or walk; unable to do anything for herself. When she was diagnosed, mom had to leave… Read More

NEW My Saviour Bracelets for Logan van Aswegen – Infantile seizures, Frontal temporal brain atrophy, Cerebral Palsy

Fundraising for Logan van Aswegen - Cerebral Palsy - Arms of Mercy NPC

Logan`s story: Baby Logan van Aswegen from Betlehem in the Free State was born on the 10th of July 2018, normal birth and weighing 3.4 kg. A month later his health started deteriorating and his weight dropped to… Read More

NEW Always Smile Bracelets for Antoni van Reenen – Brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy

Fundraising for Antoni van Reenen - Cerebral Palsy - Arms of Mercy NPC

Antoni`s story: Antoni is a friendly little boy from Brackenfell in Cape Town. He suffered brain damage at birth due to negligence, and also has Cerebral Palsy and a trachi. Mom, Marili, cares for him 24/7 as he… Read More

Rest in Peace Hayley Sonnekus

rest in peace hayley sonnekus

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you all that our sweet baby, Hayley, grew her angel wings yesterday, 19 June 2019 at 17:45. She fought a hard battle and her small little body could not… Read More

NEW Strength through Faith Bracelets for Noah Smit – Mixed Cerebral Palsy

Fundraising for Noah Smit - Mixed Cerebral Palsy - Arms of Mercy NPC

Noah`s story: Noah Smit from Swellendam in the Western Cape was diagnosed with mixed cerebral palsy – dystonic & spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. At the young age of 1 and a half years, the Neurologist said he would… Read More

Cerebral Palsy Types & Common Symptoms

Cerebral Palsy Types and Common Symptoms

Brief overview: Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder that can affect posture and many aspects of daily life. Cerebral palsy (CP) is caused by damage or abnormal development in parts of the brain that control movement. These events… Read More

NEW All About Butterflies Bracelets for Hayley Sonnekus – Cerebral Palsy

Hayley`s story: Hayley Sonnekus was born on the 2nd of April 2019 after a healthy pregnancy with no complications. She was in NICU for 5 hours because she swallowed some fluids, but during the first two days in… Read More

NEW Just Be Bracelets for Mianè Ainslie – Cerebral Palsy

Just Be Bracelets for Mianè Ainslie - Cerebral Palsy - Arms of Mercy NPC

Just Be Bracelets for Mianè Ainslie – Cerebral Palsy. Arms of Mercy Non-profit fundraising for children with special needs. Together we can change the world.

Rest in Peace Liané Jacobs

Rest in Peace Liané Jacobs - Arms of Mercy NPC

It is with much sadness that we said goodbye to another precious angel that went to Heaven yesterday evening, 5 March 2019… Rest in Peace Liané Jacobs…

Please Pray for Mienke – Updates 7-10 Feb 2019

Please Pray for Mienke - Updates 7-10 Feb 2019 | Arms of Mercy NPC

Updates oor Mienke van mamma, Verna… Please Pray for Mienke – Updates 7-10 Feb 2019. Ongelukkig het sy die Indie trip uitgestel tot einde April. Sy sê…

Majestic Bracelets for Liané Jacobs

Majestic Bracelets for Liané Jacobs © Arms of Mercy NPC

Majestic Bracelets for Liané Jacobs… born with Vacterl Syndrome, Benign Esophageal Stricture, one kidney, no anus, scoliosis… Arms of Mercy Fundraising.

Ebony and Ivory Bracelets for Marlo Nagel – Cerebral Palsy

Marlo Nagel

Marlo`s story: Marlo Nagel was born on the 4th of January 2016, his parents` perfect little prince from God. After his 1st birthday, Mom and Dad decided to take him to a Paediatric Neurologist as he did not reach the… Read More

Fueled by Faith Bracelets for Seth Meyer

Seth Meyer

Seth Meyer was born on 5 August 2016 a healthy boy, but started having epileptic fits two weeks later. He was rushed to hospital, endured weeks of blood tests and lumber punches, yet they couldn’t find anything wrong. He then… Read More

Update: Mienke Admitted to Hospital 24 September

Update: Mienke Admitted to Hospital

Miracle Mienke Update: Mienke was rushed to hospital yesterday, 24 September.  Mienke is very weak and dehydrated, has diarrhea, and a very high fever that doesn’t want to break. She is also having serious fits, is choking a… Read More