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Fundraising for JD Lange – Hypoxic Brain Injury

JD Lange - Hypoxic Brain Injury

JD`s story:

JD Lange (1 yr.) was dropped off at his new creche in Saldanha on the 2nd of March 2020. Shortly thereafter his mother, Jessica, received a phone call to inform her that little JD fell into the swimming pool! He was without a heart beat and oxygen for 30 minutes. JD was resuscitated.

He was flown by helicopter from the West Coast Life Hospital in Vredenburg to the Rooikruis Children’s Hospital. He received a trachea to assist with breathing as he struggles to breathe on his own. JD also received a peg in his stomach to help with feeding as solids through the mouth goes to his airway. 

The full extent of his injuries is not known yet; but the brain scan has showed severe brain damage, and he was diagnosed with Hypoxic Brain Injury

By supporting our bracelet initiative you can help to raise money for JD`s medical expenses, the after-care and ongoing care that he will need to recover. It will help his mom with all the extra financial struggles that she will face – now, and in the future. She is a single parent raising this beautiful little blue-eyed boy, and she is no longer capable of going back to work as she needs to take care of JD. Jessica is also suffering from a Hernia and was admitted to hospital. Her surgery has been moved to November 2020.

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: JD Lange.

Follow his Facebook page for live updates on his progress and journey.

Update May 2020: JD was released from hospital after the trachea was removed, he is breathing on his own and is currently happy and doing well at home.

Fundraising for JD Lange

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Overcomer Bracelets

Overcomer Bracelets for JD consist of white, cream and light grey wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Charm options: Hope / Tree of Life / Cross.

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Fundraising for Logan Treurnicht – Brain Injury

Logan Treurnicht - Brain Injury

Logan`s story:

“Hello, my name is Logan Treurnicht, and I am 8 years old. I live in the Western Cape (Moorreesburg) with my family, my mom, dad and two siblings. Although I am very handsome and look like a perfectly normal boy, I have a disability. It’s a scary word to most people, I have a brain injury.

My story starts on the weekend I was born. My mom went into labour on Friday the 16th of September 2011 BUT I wasn’t born until that Sunday the 18th via emergency c-section. Mom was left in labour with me from the Friday morning around 11 o’clock until Sunday morning 4:45am when the doctor delivered me via c-section. I got hurt then, but mommy and daddy did not know.

I was such a good baby, that for a while nobody had an idea there was anything wrong with me. I grew, I had my milk, I cried, I slept just like all the other babies. As toddlers develop and progress, start crawling and doing baby stuff, I never did, was it just me, or did mom see it too?

I was never able to sit up straight on my own for a very long time, but mom never left me. She was always there with me, making sure I didn’t fall over on my face… I heard the googoo-gaga sounds, but it was mom making them, it wasn’t me, why wasn’t I able to do that?

I didn’t start walking until I was 18 months old… I NEVER crawled. When mom would put me on tummy time I would cry and start turning blue around my lips, and mommy would try and get met to just crawl a bit, even if it was 10 cm. But I could not get my baby body to move.

I only recently starting eating on my own, it was NOT because I don’t want to, I can’t work with a fork and knife my hands won’t let me. My hands are constantly shaking and I am unable to do normal things.

As other children play with toys, it doesn’t interest me. I have a short attention-span when it comes to doing normal things like reading in a book or colouring in. I don’t understand what it means to draw or colour a picture. What do building blocks do? I am blessed to have my own tablet and enjoy watching videos online or playing my puzzle games or listening to the word games. When we visit Zani (my cousin) on the farm, I also like sitting on her trampoline, being quiet and looking around me.

When I fall over I will hit my head or fall flat on my face, that’s why I don’t run. I don’t know what it means to stop myself when I fall over, my brain does not tell my body to do that.

I am a big brother, a big boy. But I still wear diapers. I don’t know to tell mom I need to use the loo, I don’t know how to, I have no words to speak.

Grandpa always talks about going fishing someday, with a fishing rod and all… Maybe someday I can go with them when they play golf or even hit a golf ball on my own, but for now I am a silent witness to all the things normal children my age enjoy doing.

Dad has a lot of tools, he is a mechanic. If I was a normal little boy maybe I could work with him on the car, get my little hands in those tight spots my daddy’s big hands cannot get in to. Get my hands dirty, show mom I can do it to, show her that I can be a big boy too. She would be so proud.

In all the days I have been with my family, I haven’t spoken one word. My mom and dad have never heard me say “I LOVE YOU” or “THANK YOU” or “I NEED A HUG”. I communicate by making sounds and most people don’t understand me. When I shout to get mommy or dad`s attention because I see something that caught my attention or see someone I recognise, the people who do not know me think I am naughty and want something I can’t have.

It’s only my family that really understand me because they are with me all the time. Mom is my caretaker 24/7 and I have no idea what I will do without her, she changes my nappy, give me food and always know when I am sick and don’t feel well. Dad works very hard and long hours to provide for us, but his salary can only cover as much.



Please Like and Follow Arms of Mercy NPC on Facebook for live updates on his progress and journey.

Fundraising for Logan Treurnicht

Logan Treurnicht Follow Your Heart Bracelets

Follow Your Heart Bracelets

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Charm options: Cross / Anchor / Heart.

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Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Logan Treurnicht.

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Fundraising for Karlien Roets – Brain Injury

Karlien Roets

Karlien`s story:

On the 10th of August 2018, Karlien`s father was busy moving their kitchen to a better location at home as he was working late most of the evenings, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for mom to keep an eye on both children. Karlien was 2 at the time, and their baby, only 7 months old.

Mom, Karin, took the children to visit their grandparents to give him time to cut most of the wood. By the time they came back the big grocery cupboard has not been fitted yet. Karlien and her father walked across to grandpa who live behind them to get the screws to fit the cupboard to the wall while mom was out shopping for their family holiday booked at Buffelspoort the next week.

As she had no kitchen to pack everything away, everything stayed in the bags. Karlien went thru the bags and found the easy-bake cookie mix and asked if they can make it – mommy explained that they won`t be able to at the moment, as daddy needs to finish up the cupboards first – and that`s when Karlien decided to put it in its place, which was the grocery cupboard.

She tried to open the doors and the whole cupboard come down on her. She wasn’t moving and blood come out of her ears and nose. They rushed to the hospital closest to home only a minutes’ drive away or so. The doctors and nurses ran in and out to get more equipment to stabilise Karlien. Once she was stabilised they transferred her to Union.

At Union they did a CT scan and found the injuries to be very serious. The trauma she sustained is the same as a big impact car crash at high speed. It was not necessary to operate at that point, but they had to monitor the swelling on her brain. The next 48 hours were the toughest the Roets-family have ever faced, until she started showing improvement.

She went off the ventilator, started moving and talking, and all was going well until the 20th of August – she walked for the first time since the accident, but later that day she had a fit. She was rushed for another CT scan and it showed her brain was submerged in blood. One of the veins burst in her brain. An emergency operation was done where they fitted an external drain to help relieve pressure on her brain, and she was back on the ventilator. After stabalising her, a couple of operations was performed as well.

Karlien was doing better to the point where she was sent to rehab. She was there for close to two weeks and the family got to see her on her 3rd birthday, 27 October. On the 29th she stopped breathing and they had to resuscitate her. She was rushed back to Union and they found the shunt was blocked due to an infection and did a replacement (the shunt was fitted in an operation to help relieve pressure build up from her brain). The CT scan thereafter showed that the shunt was working, but had a worse story to tell. Doctors told the family to prepare as Karlien might already be gone.

The next day during their visit Karlien moved her head and feet, and started to show little improvements. Doctors told them not to get their hopes up and that they should still be prepared for the worst. She grew a little bit stronger everyday to a point where she could go home, but is still on a ventilator.

The medical aid is supporting the family with a trauma benefit for Karlien, but this is only limited. Karlien’s 24 hour nursing (R18000 per month) came to an end at the end of March, and her monthly supplies like nappies etc. amounts to R6500 per month.

Karlien is currently being cared for at home. She is still on the ventilator and gets therapy during the week. She is not mobile, but she improves every day, and she also began to breathe more on her own. The doctor said the improvement was astonishing, and that she could get off the ventilator within the year. They will be going in to ICU again in 2 months time to see just how much Karlien can get off the vent.

Both parents work at a small family business which took a knock with them not being around for 5 months. Mom is still not back at work, supporting Karlien and trying to do what she can from home. Dad is back at work trying to provide for his family, but they need help. Please open you heart to give Karlien a chance at a better life, and a brighter future.

Update January 2020: Raising funds for Karlien to go in for ventilator weaning for home-care in February, and stem-cell treatment in March (R17000).

Please consider a donation – any and all donations welcome. REF: Karlien Roets.

Follow Karlien Roets on Facebook for live updates on her progress and journey.

Fundraising for Karlien Roets

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Hope and Love Bracelets

Hope and Love Bracelets for Karlien; consisting of smurf blue wooden beads with silver, crystal & diamante fillers.

Charm options: Heart / Butterfly. *limited edition*

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Believe in Love Bracelets for Karlien; consisting of red wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Charm options: Believe / Heart with Cross / I-Love-You Heart.

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Always Believe Bracelets

Always Believe Bracelets for Karlien; consisting of lilac and dust pink wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Charm options: Believe / Heart / Cross.

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Fundraising for Janco Claassen – Severe Brain Injury

Janco Claassen

Janco`s story:

The Claassen-family of four were on their way home after visiting in-laws in Makopane when they had a terrible car accident on Sunday, 3 March 2019. They were rushed to the Trauma unit Med24 at Montana Hospital closest to the accident scene, where all were attended to. Janco and his mother, Carla, were both admitted to ICU that same evening.

Janco Claassen, who was only 5 weeks old at the time, was fighting for his life with a severe head injury. He stayed under sedation in ICU to help his brain to heal, while Carla was discharged on 09/03/2019 to recover at home.

The Medical insurance fund ran out with 10 days in ICU, and doctors were unsure how long Janco had to get treatment in hospital, and rehabilitation afterwards. The Claassen`s needed urgent financial assistance as the bills were getting higher by day, and that is why we initially started making bracelets for Janco – to help with his medical expenses.

Update 28 August 2020: Janco (turned 1 yr. old in January) went for tests this week which showed that his brain was very badly hurt. His whole brain is full of water, and it is only the stem of the brain that is healthy. The next step is to get him to a baby Therapy Center, and an Orthopedist, who will do all his surgeries if necessary. Sadly, the case with the Medical insurance fund has not changed and urgent funds are still needed to help pay the bills.

Please open your heart and help give Janco a fighting chance by supporting our fundraising initiative. Together we can change his world, one bracelet at a time!

Fundraising for Janco Claassen

God`s Angel Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC

God’s Angel Bracelets

God’s Angel Bracelets for Janco; consist of navy blue & silver wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Charm options: Cross /Angel / Armour (shield & sword).

To place an order, contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Alternatively, please consider making a donation. REF: Janco Claasen.

God`s Angel Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC
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