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Fundraising for Jade-Mari Ward – Bone Marrow Defect

Jade-Mari Ward

Jade-Mari`s story:

Jade-Mari Ward is 2 and a half years old with a bone growth of 1 and a half years. Her bone marrow defect does not allow her to grow like normal children her age; fighting to pick up weight (8kg now) and survived only by tube feeding for the past 2 years.

Her pituitary gland is not functioning properly and her immune system is compromised. She falls ill with an infection normal children can easily fight, and she will be admitted to hospital for a week or longer at a time.

She is currently receiving blood transfusions every 3 months and may need a bone marrow transplant in the future. Dr. Frida French her Pediatrician, hope she will reach 6 or 7 years before taking the transplant option.

The medical aid that they have do not cover the growth hormone she needs every day and advised they go onto the highest plan for cover. Mom is applying for higher paying work to be able to do this, but is struggling. They do not know when Jade will need the transplant. If not, they will have to pay R2000.00 for growth hormone for the next 16-18 years – and it gets more expensive every time she needs a higher dose, and estimated a whopping R20 000.00 per month when Jade-Mari is in her teens.

Her blood tests every 4-6 weeks is also not covered, because it gets paid out of the “savings account” which gets depleted very fast. Any and all contributions for Jade-Mari will go a long way.

Fundraising for Jade-Mari Ward

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Alternatively, please consider a donation towards the cause. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Jade-Mari Ward.

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