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OUTISME HULPKREET: `n Beroep op al Arms of Mercy Ondersteuners ❣️

Autism Awareness - Outisme - Arms of Mercy NPC

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23 November 2018


Vanaand net hier waar ek sit in my binnekamer, ervaar ek die pyn en ontnugtering van ouers met outistiese kinders. Ek sien die verwese moegheid van nimmereindigende lang dae vol sukkel met kindertjies wat nie in woorde kan se as hulle iewers pyn, ongemak en hartseer voel nie. Die vernederinge wat ouers moet deurgaan. Die alleenheid en isolasie wat knaag omdat ouers nie soos gewone mense by vriende kan gaan braai en kuier nie. Geen van die ouers het ‘n sosiale lewe nie.

Ek het soveel begrip en empatie vir sulke gesinne. Ek salueer elke Mamma en Pappa met outistiese kinders en wil jule verseker dat Jesus altyd saam met julle die pad sal stap, al voel julle pad oneindig eensaam. Julle beloning sal julle verseker ontvang. 🙏

Die intensiewe terapie stel uitmergelende eise aan die ouers en finansiele bronne. Die terapie, regte dieete, medikasie is enorme bedrae en al hierdie Mammas moet na hulle kindertjies omsien terwyl die Pappa’s baie hard moet werk vir oorlewing.

Ek wil vanaand ‘n beroep doen op al Arms of Mercy ondersteuners om asseblief julle harte oop te maak vir ons outistiese kinders. Hulle kry bitter min ondersteuning en maak ek dit nou my werk om op enige moontlike manier hierdie “special needs” kindertjies te help sover dit moontlik is en ek vertrou my Jesus 200%. 🙏

Genade en nogmaals genade: God se genade kan ons definieer as “guns wat onverdiend is” wat geheel en al nie verwant is ten opsigte van elke en enige kwessie van menslike verdienstelikheid nie. Hoe fantasties is dit nie.

Karin Harmse
Arms of Mercy Founder

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About Autism Spectrum Disorder

About Autism Spectrum Disorder - Arms of Mercy NPC

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism is a lifelong, complex condition that occurs as a result of disordered brain growth, structure and development. It is believed to stem from a genetic predisposition triggered by environmental factors, and affects boys 4-5 times more than girls.

There are a vast number of ways that a person can manifest autism, and as a result, the condition is now more often referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder, or “ASD”.

ASD is a developmental disability, and include all Autism disorders that used to be diagnosed separately:

➜ Autistic disorder
➜ Pervasive development disorder (PDD-NOS)
➜ Asperger Syndrome

ASD is chararacterised, in varying degrees, by:

➜ Difficulties in social interaction
➜ Verbal and nonverbal communication
➜ Repetitive behaviours
➜ Differences in sensory perception

Also see Understanding the Spectrum – a comic strip explanation.


What is the cause of ASD?

A lot of research is being done to try and find the cause of autism, but there is still no definite answer. There is consensus however that it`s NOT a psychological or emotional disorder, and it is not the parent’s fault that their child was born with autism.

It is also not the result of bad parenting – and children with ASD do NOT choose to misbehave. Misbehaviour are often reactions to the environment and are expressions of the difficulties people with ASD experience.

Fast Facts about ASD

  • Developmental disabilities such as ASD are brain-based, neurological conditions that have more to do with biology than with psychology
  • Not a single person with ASD is affected in the same way
  • ASD is usually diagnosed by the time a child is 3 years old
  • ASD is found in every country, every ethnic group, and every socio-economic class
  • Autism is diagnosed four times as often in boys than in girls
  • Children who are diagnosed with ASD need early intervention as soon as possible

Detecting Autism Early

The learning, thinking, and problem-solving abilities of people with ASD can range from gifted to severely impaired. While some may need a lot of help and intensive intervention, others may need less.

Parents should ask their child’s family doctor for a referral to a developmental Paediatrician for assessment if there are concerns with any of the following:

  • Little awareness of others.
  • Self-injurious behaviour, e.g. head banging, scratching or biting.
  • Imaginative play may be poor. E.g. cannot play with a wooden block as if it is a car.
  • Unusual habits such as rocking, hand flapping, spinning of objects etc.
  • The development of speech and language may be atypical, absent or delayed.
  • Indifference to, or dislike of being touched, held or cuddled.
  • Minimal reaction to verbal input and sometimes acts as though he/she is deaf.
  • Sense of touch, taste, sight, hearing and/or smell may be heightened or lowered.
  • Changes in routine or the environment may cause distress.
  • Sudden laughing or crying for no apparent reason
  • Pursues activities repetitively and cannot be influenced by suggestions of change.
  • Uneven gross/fine motor skills.
  • Inappropriate attachment to objects.
  • Abnormal sleeping patterns.
  • Displays extreme distress and/or tantrums for no apparent reason
  • Prefers to play alone.
  • Difficulty in interacting with others and little or no eye contact.
  • No real fear of dangers.

Possible Signs (taken from Autism Ontario – Durham Region)

  • No babbling by 11 months of age
  • No simple gestures by 12 months (e.g., waving bye-bye)
  • No single words by 16 months
  • No 2-word phrases by 24 months (noun + verb – e.g., “baby sleeping”)
  • No response when name is called, causing concern about hearing
  • Loss of any language or social skills at any age
  • Rarely makes eye contact when interacting with people
  • Does not play peek-a-boo
  • Doesn’t point to show things he/she is interested in
  • Rarely smiles socially
  • More interested in looking at objects than at people’s faces
  • Prefers to play alone
  • Doesn’t make attempts to get parent’s attention; doesn’t follow/look when someone is pointing at something
  • Seems to be “in his/her own world”
  • Odd or repetitive ways of moving fingers or hands
  • Oversensitive to certain textures, sounds or lights
  • Lack of interest in toys, or plays with them in an unusual way (e.g. lining up, spinning, opening/closing parts rather than using the toy as a whole)
  • Compulsions or rituals (has to perform activities in a special way or certain sequence; is prone to tantrums if rituals are interrupted)
  • Preoccupations with unusual interests, such as light switches, doors, fans, wheels

Sources: Autism South Africa, The Art of Autism.
For more information and resources, visit

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Fundraising for Nickholis Kleinhans – Autism

Nickholis Kleinhans

An Autistic Child in a Non-Autistic World

“Nickholis is a thirteen-year-old boy who is diagnosed with Autism. Even though he faces many challenges, he is not letting life get him down.

He is currently homeschooling while having his own little farm at home. He loves animals, and his parents believe it teaches him life skills and responsibilities.

He is on a strict diet and uses a variety of medicine and supplements each day.

He is still on the Family Hope Centre therapy program and receives other therapy as well.

His biggest challenge currently is his development, but with the correct therapy his parents believe that he will be able to function in a normal setting one day without the assistance of others.”

Please support our fundraiser for Nickholis by purchasing his “Awesome Autism Awareness” Bracelets – all proceeds are donated towards his ongoing medical expenses where needed.

Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Nickholis Kleynhans.

Fundraising for Nickholis Kleinhans

Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC

Autism Awareness Bracelets

The “Awesome Autism Awareness” Bracelets for Nickholis consist of wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Colour options: Blue / Gold / Red.

Charm options: Bell / Joy / Dove – each combined with a Puzzle piece.

To place an ordercontact contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC
Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets

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