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Fundraising for Morgan Labuschagne – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Morgan Labuschagne

Morgan`s story:

Morgan Labuschagne was only 18 months old when she had a wound on her bum that looked like a spider bite, which caused a very high fever that just wouldn’t break. She was rushed to Kiaat Private Hospital in Nelspruit where she was treated for severe septicaemia, and was placed in high-care for 3 days. She received a blood transfusion and also had to receive white platelets as her platelet count had dropped to 7. Once stable, she was referred by the doctor to Steve Biko to get her wound debrided as the skin had died where the bite was.

Morgan`s mother does not have medical aid, and had to take out a personal loan to pay Kiaat Hospital, and then also to pay R15 000 up front for the ambulance to transport Morgan to Steve Biko Hospital.

The doctor at Steve Biko did the debriding of her wound immediately when she arrived. They soon discovered that Morgan needed blood and platelets again. The Professor at Steve Biko could not believe that her platelet count was down to 5 (it should be over 350) and decided to investigate. They then did a bone marrow test which came out positive for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and Morgan was transferred to the Paediatric Oncology ward. 

Her wound was not healing because of where it was located, and it kept getting infected even though she had a nappy-change after every stool. They decided to do a Colostomy on her while putting in a Broviak to make the drawing of blood and giving chemo drips easier.

Morgan`s grandmother, a retired nurse, and Morgan’s dad who is a self-employed farmer are able to take turns to take her for treatments. They are staying with family who generously opened their home for them in Pretoria.

Unfortunately, with mom having to take out a loan to pay for the private hospital, the SANBS is owed another R38 000 for the blood and platelets that Morgan received while she was in Kiaat Hospital in Nelspruit, which is still outstanding. Due to these bills she is not able to leave her job and be by Morgan`s side while she is getting her treatment. She is also looking after Morgan’s older sister, Megan (4 ), who goes to crèche while she is at work.

Fundraising for Morgan Labuschagne

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