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Fundraising for Esmae Peters – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

Esmae Peters

Esmae`s story:

On the 13th of July, Esmae Peters (3 yr.) was diagnosed with cancer. It was quite a progressive stage by then as she battled for about 2 months prior to receiving the diagnosis. She has had a few lumbar punctures and completed about 9 chemotherapy treatments .

Unfortunately she recently contracted a blood infection together with Neutropenic colitis and Pancytopenia, which are 2 life-threatening conditions on their own … she was transferred from the Cancer ward to ICU high care. She has had enlarged liver and spleen about 4cm each, distended bowel, numerous bruises and blood clots on her skin and gums, oral sores and also blood and platelet transfusions.

Her medical needs include Physiotherapy, Psychology, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, optometry as well as dental as required.

Update from mommy, Magdalene Peters, 27/02/2023:

“Esmae is on day 593 in her journey thus far and she’s just completed chemo dose 158!!! True hero style! She remains in Remission 5 months to date and we are so grateful for the repeated breakthroughs and miracles the Lord has been faithful in granting her.

Still a long way to go until the end of treatment which is assumed to only be June 2025. The thought of it is just heartbreaking for all that this Braveheart girl off mine has to further endure, but we believe that God goes before her in all things and she’s gonna carry her Cross gracefully to the end.

Expected are…
29 consecutive months off hospital visits,
11 lumbar punctures,
Countless blood draws n tests,
116 more chemotherapy doses,
Bone marrow tests as required,
And whatever else comes up in this long term maintenance cycle she’s on.

Thank you so much to everyone who thinks of, and prays for us, we truly are grateful and appreciate your support and love. As we totally surrender this season of our lives to Jesus, we believe that He will grant us supernatural ableness and strength to reach the finish line reigning Victorious.”

We ask you to please open your heart and help us to carry the heavy financial burden by ordering Esmae`s special “Crowned in God`s Love Bracelets”, “Grow in Grace Bracelets” and Bath Bombs – all proceeds are donated towards her ongoing expenses where needed. Together we CAN make a difference and help a child in need.

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Esmae Peters.

Fundraising for Esmae Peters

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