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Fundraising for Ruhandre Opperman – Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Lung Disease

Ruhandre`s story:

“Ruhandre Opperman was born at 24 weeks on 4 November 2020 as a micro prem baby who weighed 684g and was 31.5cm tall. He stayed in hospital for a period of 201 days in total which he was most of the time on oxygen. During this time he was diagnosed with Chronic Lung disease and Laryngomalacia. He spent the first 2 and a half months only on intravenous feeding due to being misdiagnosed for Esophageal Atresia in the first month. Due to this his stomach was not used to any milk and aspirated the feedings. This led to not gaining any weight in the first two months.

During the last few months of his stay in hospital they diagnosed him with severe reflux and aspiration to the lungs which led to him receiving a Nissan’s operation and a Mickey button for feeding through the stomach. Due to aspiration his lungs were not healing properly. He gained weight very slowly and had to fight severe infections like septicaemia. With a lot of medication, blood transfusions and blood platelets, he eventually healed and got to come home.

He has been home since the end of May 2021, with a couple of hospital stays after that but He has since grown into this little precious person with the biggest smile and personality. Truly one of God’s greatest miracles.

During December 2022 he was hospitalized again for Adenoviral Pneumonia and Haemophilus Influenza and was transferred to the Nelson Mandela Children Hospital in Johannesburg. There he was placed on oxygen again due to his oxygen levels falling to below 85 when sleeping. He received a couple of tests for the severe reflux and for his oxygen they diagnosed him with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. During this time they have also diagnosed him with Cerebral Palsy. The extent of this will only be properly looked at in February 2023 when he will go back to hospital for the Laryngomalacia to have his tonsils removed. He will also then be transferred to a Rehabilitation centre close to the hospital for an unknown period of time to assist him with becoming mobile like sitting, crawling, walking and eating.

Currently his parents are not completely sure if he would require any possible equipment for mobility, ongoing physio and speech therapy and medical costs that is not covered by the medical aid. Any and all donations will be highly appreciated to assist them financially.”

Please open your heart and support our fundraiser for Ruhandre – all proceeds from the “Restored by Grace” and “Forever in Faith” bracelets are donated towards his ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we CAN make a difference!

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Ruhandre Opperman.

Fundraising for Ruhandre Opperman

Restored by Grace Bracelets

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Forever in Faith Bracelets

The “Forever in Faith” Bracelets for Ruhandre consist of turquoise wooden beads with crystals, silver and diamante fillers.

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Forever in Faith Bracelets

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