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Fundraising for Kasandra van Alphen – Primary Immuno Deficiency with Selective IgA Deficiency

Kasandra van Alphen

Kasandra`s story:

Kasandra van Alphen (also known as Sannie) is an 8-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with Primary-Immuno-Deficiency and Selective IgA Deficiency. She also has a leaking heart valve, and Chronic Lung Disease (Bronchiectasis).

She has loads of energy and an amazing zest for life, but no immune system to help her battle germs and bugs. This invariably leads to infection which means that hospital admission is always needed. However, Kasandra receives Polygam every 4 weeks, consistently. These amazing “soldiers” help keep her stable, and able to fight off viruses, especially through the winter months and change of seasons.

Kasandra and her family need help to pay for her treatments going forward. These treatments include the Polygam, hospital admissions, vaccinations, doctors visits, anesthetist bills, scopes and scans which she needs regularly, as well as cardiologist check-ups.

They have a load of pathology- and anesthetists bills stacking up, and mom is struggling to settle them. With Kasandra`s upcoming scope, these bills need to be settled as soon as possible in order to do so.

The main reason for fundraising is to get Kasandra over to the US to the IDF Convention, and to see PID Specialist doctors who can either help her with a cure – or put her on a treatment plan which will be much better, safer and make her life easier.

These funds will be used to pay for flights, accommodation, consultations and the IDF convention in the US. However, in the immediate term, it will be used to settle all outstanding medical bills and allow Kasandra to get the best treatments going forward.

She missed a large part of her formative years at school, and this has had a ripple effect on her current grade 2 year. If she manages to keep fit and healthy, she won’t need to have any more sick days, meaning better attention and focus at school to catch up on lost time. Like and follow Sannies Soldiers on Facebook for lives updates on her journey and progress.

You can help by supporting our bracelet fundraising initiative. Together we can make a difference in Kasandra`s life, and give her a chance at a brighter future!

Fundraising for Kasandra van Alphen

PID Awareness Bracelets

PID Awareness Bracelets for Kasandra; consisting of black, white and a touch of lilac coloured wooden beads with crystals.

Charm options: Zebra / Diamante Cross / Tree of Life with “love”-Heart.

To place and order, contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Kasandra van Alphen.

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PID Awareness Bracelets

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