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Nickholis Kleinhans - Autism

Fundraising for Nickholis Kleinhans – Autism

An Autistic Child in a Non-Autistic World

“Nickholis is a thirteen-year-old boy who is diagnosed with Autism. Even though he faces many challenges, he is not letting life get him down.

He is currently homeschooling while having his own little farm at home. He loves animals, and his parents believe it teaches him life skills and responsibilities.

He is on a strict diet and uses a variety of medicine and supplements each day.

He is still on the Family Hope Centre therapy program and receives other therapy as well.

His biggest challenge currently is his development, but with the correct therapy his parents believe that he will be able to function in a normal setting one day without the assistance of others.”

Please support our fundraiser for Nickholis by purchasing his “Awesome Autism Awareness” Bracelets – all proceeds are donated towards his ongoing medical expenses where needed.

Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Nickholis Kleynhans.

Fundraising for Nickholis Kleinhans

Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC

Autism Awareness Bracelets

The “Awesome Autism Awareness” Bracelets for Nickholis consist of wooden beads with crystal, silver and diamante fillers.

Colour options: Blue / Gold / Red.

Charm options: Bell / Joy / Dove – each combined with a Puzzle piece.

To place an ordercontact contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC
Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets

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