You are currently viewing Fundraising for Mila Koekemoer – Stage III Neuroblastoma Cancer

Fundraising for Mila Koekemoer – Stage III Neuroblastoma Cancer

Mila’s story:

Mila Koekemoer (9 yr.) from Brackenfell in Cape Town, has been diagnosed with cancer on the 2nd of January 2020.

While Mila and mom, Michelle, were away on holiday, she started complaining about tummy cramps. On 29 December 2019, Michelle took her for X-rays, which appeared to only be a blockage, and Mila was given medication to treat that. A Dr in Cape Town then saw a little mark right at the top of the X-ray and requested for her to have another X-ray done, but higher up, including the tummy and chest area. What seemed like an “air bubble” around her lung area was actually a mass without a name.

She was immediately referred to Tygerberg Hospital`s Oncology Department as they have one of the best facilities for treatment there. Two Biopsies were taken at Tygerberg Hospital from both her hips to get bone marrow on 2 January, along with blood tests. Still they couldn’t identify the exact cancer or the stage. Mila then underwent more surgery on 3 January 2020 at the Vincent Palotti hospital so they can get a larger chunk from the biopsy, and a port was inserted in her right upper-chest area for future chemo treatment.

On the 15th of January, after loads more tests, it was established that Mila has Neuroblastoma Cancer. The next day, Mila and Michelle spent the whole day at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital to do bone scans, to see if the cancer has spread. Thankfully it did not show in her bones, so it hasn’t spread.

Mila went for her first chemo on 17/01/2020; and had a severe allergic reaction to the first of 3 chemo drips. As soon as the first drop entered her body she turned red, got a rush and loads of bumps under her skin, and could not breathe. She then received a double dose of the antidote to start her breathing again.

The alternative chemo drip is not in stock anywhere in South Africa, and has to be sourced and imported. Together we can give her a fighting chance and change her world, one bracelet at a time!

Update 30 June 2020: It’s going well with Mila. She is almost finished with her course of chemo, and they are planning the next step of treatment for her. She is such a warrior; fighting this enormous cancer battle with so much courage and a smile. Please pray with us for Mila and her family, for the next step of their journey.

21 July 2020 ~ Mila rang the bell!

We are so thankful for this moment, our little Mila got to rang the BELL after her last chemo session. The road ahead is still long, as they are awaiting the next step of planning the stem-cell procedures and radiation thereafter. But overall, Mila is being brave as always and doing well. We are with you every step of the way Mila, and our army of prayer warriors are praying with you.

Fundraising for Mila Koekemoer

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Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Mila Koekemoer.

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