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Fundraising for Liané Rossouw – Neuroblastoma Cancer

Liané Rossouw

Liané`s story:

Liané Rossouw (1 yr.) was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in December 2020 when she was only 8 months old. She was due to start her chemotherapy on the 19th of December, but she stopped breathing that morning. She was resuscitated and rushed to the pediatric ICU, and was on a ventilator for a little over a week.

The resuscitation caused extensive brain damage and has resulted in her losing her vision. The place where the tumour was, was also pressing against her spine causing the nerves in that area of the spine to die, which will never regrow, meaning Liané would never walk.

After the resuscitation, she completed 4 rounds of intensive chemotherapy. The chemo she had completed shrunk the tumour A LOT, but it was still active and still there.

We had a discussion with the doctors and we were given 3 choices:
1. Intensive chemotherapy which might help, but will make her extremely sick.
2. Less invasive chemotherapy which will just keep the tumour under control and slow down the spread.
3. No treatment.

We went with option 2, knowing that this chemotherapy is not designed to “cure” but to give us just a little bit more time.

Liané was scheduled to go for a MiBG scan in February 2021, but she was just too weak, so they canceled it. Since her last round of intensive chemotherapy, she completed 6 rounds of less invasive chemotherapy and she was strong enough to do the MiBG scan.

6 October 2021, we got to do the first part of the MiBG and then the second part the day after. I got to be with her while they did the scan. I asked the radiologist to explain to me what she is seeing on the scans if she can after the second day and she asked me quite a lot of questions regarding treatments, etc.

She could not find ANY tumour in Liané’s body. 12 October 2021, her doctors could confirm Liané was in remission and no active tumour can be seen or found in her body. LIANÉ HAS BEAT CANCER!!!

What do we do now?

Liané still needs to receive physio to improve her strength and movement. She still has the feeding tube. Her eyesight is improving and is reacting to lightness and darkness.

Liané has to go for blood tests to keep an eye on her for the next 6 months. She also has to do urine tests and she might do follow up scans to just keep an eye on it.

By supporting the AOM bracelet initiative you are helping to raise funds to contribute to Liané`s medical expenses. Together we can change the world, one bracelet at a time!

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Liané Rossouw.

Follow Hope for Liané on Facebook for live updates on her progress and journey.

Fundraising for Liané Rossouw

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