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Fundraising for Kian Ludick – Nephroblastoma, Wilms Tumor

Kian`s story:

“Kian had been having a lot of ear infections in the beginning of 2021. Our GP referred us to the nose, ear, and throat Specialist as well as a speech therapist, because he has not begun to speak and was nearing the age of 2 and they suspected that he has autism. On the date of his appointment he did not give his co-operation with the speech therapist and they decided to make arrangements with a Pediatrician to put him under local anesthetics while they conduct the ear test, and because he was not well, the pediatrician decided to do a full exam also while he was under. He discovered something hard on the left side of his tummy. We were sent for a sonar where they discovered the enlarged kidney. They did a CT scan where they saw the abnormal tissue on both kidneys.

Kian was diagnosed with Nephroblastoma on both kidneys, 26 March 2021, as well as an enlarged left kidney. He has been having monthly MRI scans and blood work in Johannesburg where he is treated by Prof Janet Poole. On the 12th of December 2021, he had his 3rd scan and they discovered the Wilms tumor that developed on the left kidney. He started with his weekly pre-operative chemo on 31 January 2021 in Kimberley, which he gets once a week for 6 weeks. On week 5 and 6 they will do a scan and reassess, he will also be having maintenance chemo after surgery.

The chemo has affected him worse than what we expected. He was admitted 4 days after his 1st session, and has been put on a double dose of blood pressure medication. He had moisture on his lungs when his oxygen levels dropped to 65 and had to be put on oxygen. He had an allergic reaction to morphine, and had a seizure because of nausea medication. He also has a feeding tube. On the 17th of February 2022 he developed a fever and was admitted where they did blood work and discovered he had 2 viruses and his blood counts were extremely low.

He finished his last round of chemo on 21 March 2022. He was admitted and had a blood transfusion and platelets because it was too low. He also had an MRI but we have not received his report or any update when and if they will be operating. Kian is seeing a dietician as well as a speech- and occupational therapist because of signs of autism.”

Update 28/02/2023:

“Kian had an operation on 12 April 2022 where half of his left kidney was removed. The surgery was successful and he was discharged on 18 April 2022.

He started with 27 weeks of weekly chemo on 25 April 2022. We had to drive from Kuruman to Kimberley every Monday.  He was sick most of the time, could not eat at all and they had to give him a feeding tube. Kian is now on chronic hypertension medication. Sometimes he could not get the chemo because his neutrophil levels were too low. He also got occupational therapy, speech therapy and physio weekly because of the autism, and he lost mobility in his legs. He finished his treatment on the 28 November 2022 and had an MRI scan, they were happy with his progress, however he still needs maintenance chemo as the nephroblastomatosis are still on both kidneys in order to suppress any more tumors from developing, and to save what is left of his kidneys.

He started with his maintenance chemo on the 11th of January 2023. They have adjusted one of the chemo treatments because it is affecting his mobility and that is a concern for them. The physio therapist said she has spoken with an orthopedic specialist and suggested that a tension release operation should be done. The pediatric oncologist agrees with us that the cause of his immobility is not a sensory thing but a result of the negative effects of the chemo treatment. Will be consulting with them again on 07.03.2023 when we are in Kimberley for treatment.”

By supporting our fundraiser for Kian you can be directly involved in making a positive difference in his life. All proceeds from the “Love and Faith” bracelets are donated towards his ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we CAN change the world, and help a child in need!

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Kian Ludick.

Fundraising for Kian Ludick

Love and Faith Bracelets

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