You are currently viewing Fundraising for Jasmijn Duvenhage – Rare Disorder IDIC(15) with intractable Epilepsy, Severe Hypotonia, Gastrointestinal Dysmotility, Recurrent Pneumonia

Fundraising for Jasmijn Duvenhage – Rare Disorder IDIC(15) with intractable Epilepsy, Severe Hypotonia, Gastrointestinal Dysmotility, Recurrent Pneumonia

Jasmijn`s story:

“Meet beautiful little Jasmijn Duvenhage. She is our little superhero, fighting, like only a superhero can, since the day that she was born. Jasmijn was born via C/section with low Apgar scores and hypotonia and started choking, then turning blue on day two of life. Initially diagnosed with severe reflux, with temporal lobe epilepsy later confirmed at the age of 4 months. Complicated with West syndrome, diagnosed two months later.

By the Lord’s Mercy and Grace, West syndrome resolved at 10 months of age after battling through four months of very expensive steroid therapy combined with specific anticonvulsants.

Due to her underlying genetic condition (IDIC 15), Jasmijn’s condition was complicated with several different forms of uncontrolled epilepsy requiring yet another multitude of expensive anticonvulsant therapies, which (still to date) has not completely aborted the seizure activity. Little Jasmijn continues to have multiple daily seizures ranging in severity from quick and mild to completely life-threatening.

The ketogenic diet had been added about five months ago with a favourable, but still incomplete effect. This is still being titrated by a Specialist Dietician in the field and there is always hope.

Unfortunately this brave little girl, of whom her parents are very proud, started combatting recurrent viral pneumonia in mid 2022, these requiring admission for non-invasive ventilation leading to prolonged and very complicated hospital stays.

Her mother, despite being a medical professional, has not been able to go back to work since little Jasmijn had been born. She has been needed next to her little girl’s bedside to assist with her complicated therapeutic regime at home, as well as the hospital. This causes extreme financial strain as their home and their future plans were built on two reliable salaries.

To make matters worse, the medical aid has been helpful, but does not cover most of the expenses needed for Jasmijn’s basic care and the family is still in the process of reapplying for PMB cover. They have depleted their savings on their precious daughter’s care, with Jasmijn’s father working full time to support their family.

Thank you for supporting this brave little girl and our fight by purchasing one of these lovely bracelets from Arms of Mercy. Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you.”

Please open your heart and support our fundraiser for Jasmijn. All proceeds from the “Divine Grace Bracelets” are donated towards her ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we CAN make a positive difference and help a child in need.

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Jasmijn Duvenhage.

Fundraising for Jasmijn Duvenhage

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