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Fundraising for Mianè Ainslie – Cerebral Palsy

Mianè Ainslie

Mianè`s Story:

“On Monday, 9 November 2015 our lives changed drastically. Mianè Ainslie (only 19 months at that time) fell into a porta pool at her family home in Witbank.

Mianè stayed with her grandmother through the day as usual, with her cousin, as I was a working single mom. The Friday before the accident we set up the pool for the kids and everyone was in and out the pool over the weekend (except the smaller ones who were not allowed near the pool without an adult). Monday started as any other day, Mianè’s grandmother was busy hanging up the washing outside while Mianè (as she always did) played outside, hanging on the washing and riding her bike while grandma was busy.

Her grandmother turned her back for a split second to the bedroom window to find out why her grandfather (bedridden at the time) was calling her, turned back and finished hanging the last washing. When her grandmother was on her way inside she called Mianè, only to see her body floating on the water in the pool. She ran to the pool screaming and jumped in to get Mianè out. (Thank you Lord for my Mom’s quick reaction) In that time the people from the business (Trysome) behind the house heard her screams for help, Marnic van der Westhuizen jumped through the electric fence to come and help. He started with CPR while they waited for the Langamed Ambulance service to arrive. As soon as they got to the scene they took over from him, they took her to Life Cosmos Hospital. At the hospital Dr. Banks fought to get her heart beating again, after 23 minutes they finally got a heartbeat.

Our Pastor for whom I worked at that time as a bookkeeper came to me at around 13:00 and said that I had to go home and that there was something wrong. As a mom my heart immediately knew what happened before my mind could understand it. I had a nervous breakdown right then and there so the Pastor drove me to the hospital. When we arrived my sister was already sitting in the waiting area at casualty. Every second felt like hours while we had to sit there waiting, we could hear the machines inside as she fought for her life. While we were still waiting the family all started arriving at the hospital as they got the news one by one. My sister in Natal also immediately made a plan to get to Witbank as soon as she could. Through our tears we all started praying for God to spare Mianè and give her another chance to live.

Mianè was dead for about 45 minutes before they got her heart beating again according to the doctors who were there. God already performed the first miracle in her life at that point. She was put on a machines so they could breath for her and lots of monitors. They came to tell me I could go in to see her, my whole life shattered and my heart felt ripped out as soon as I saw my little girl for the first time since I got the news, all the pipes and the machines around her. I remember how cold she was, her body was like ice. They put her on a machine to cool her body temperature to minimise any further damage to the brain. The next 48 hours were critical as Mianè was in NICU now fighting the battle for her life. We spent every moment praying next to her bed. The next day they told us that she was being declared brain dead and once again our whole world came crashing down around us. My brother-in-law and the Pastor immediately went in to pray and Mianè started moving her fingers very lightly. Our second miracle.

Mianè was in NICU for exacly 4 weeks before we could bring her home and try and give her a normal environment even if everything was not normal to us. As a single mother we did not have medical aid so the hospital bills started to pile up. I had to stop working to look after Mianè which is a full time job at itself. She has Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy and CVI and the doctors had no hope of her getting any better. When we took her home Mianè couldn’t do anything, not walk, talk, see, make noises, sit, or eat. She had to learn all these stuff again with the help of therapy and prayers.

At the moment Mianè is doing all the therapy possible to help her gain back a normal life again. With lots of therapy her brain is building new pathways to help make connections in her brain and bring everything back to normal. She is currently doing Moms and Babes classes, Chiropractor sessions, Occupational therapy, Cortical Vision Impairment sessions, Physio therapy and ABM therapy. She is making fantastic progress in her therapy and everyday is still a miracle from God.

After a rough couple of months she is currently facing big battles. She had severe Lung Infection and middle ear infection. After fighting for two weeks, she is now facing complications as a result of it.

Doctors think she might have Central Obstruction Sleep Apnea and she urgently needs to go for the test, she also urgently needs foot and hand splints and positioning aids to help her body. Her body has taken a big knock and her muscles are sore as her body are pulling inwards.

Miané is in need of R56573.32 to help her get the above done.

As a single mom who wants to do everything I can to make these things possible for her by selling goods and services on our Online Shop: Warrior Miané’s Little Shop, we can still not do it without the help from the public. We are grateful for all the donations so far that made it possible for Mianè to do her therapy sessions. She has came a long way and everyday is a blessing from above and God has already done so many miracles in her life and there is more to come.”

By supporting our fundraising initiative you can help to raise funds for her ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we can change the world, one bracelet at a time!

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Fundraising for Mianè Ainslie

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