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Fundraising for Hein Muller – Cerebral Palsy

Hein Muller

Hein`s storyThe wheels to heels journey!

Hein Müller is a 13 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He is very delayed in all his development milestones and needs 24 hour care and supervision. He was able to walk a few years ago, but sustained a serious injury on his knee after a bad fall accident, and for that reason he can no longer walk. However, Hein has taught himself to walk on his knees and that is how he moves around all day.

In 2020 Hein had major surgery on both his legs, some of the procedures done on his legs:
* Knee extensions and that needs to be taken out.
* Removal of his patella in one knee
* Both his ankles had screws put in.

In February 2022 Hein had the plates and screws removed from his legs. He also had new screws put in to manipulate the growth of his left leg.

Hein’s legs are very weak, he needs Physiotherapy to help him get his legs stronger for the chance to stand or walk one day. He cannot move on his own anymore and is fully dependent on a wheelchair.

Please open your heart and support our fundraising initiative for Hein. All profits from the “Unstoppable Bracelets” are donated towards his ongoing medical care and therapy. Together we CAN make a positive difference in his life!

Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Hein Muller.

Follow Hein`s Wheels to Heels Journey on Facebook for live updates on his progress and journey.

Fundraising for Hein Muller

Unstoppable Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC

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Unstoppable Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC
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