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Fundraising for Dylan Beukes – Cerebral Palsy

Dylan`s story:

“Baby Dylan was hospitalised with a fever on 13 March 2023 and diagnosed with an adenovirus infection. He was supposed to go home after a few days but that never happened.

The morning he was supposed to be released, something went horribly wrong. Dylan’s face went blue in his mother’s arms, he wasn’t breathing and his heart stopped. It took 3 tries to resuscitate him, during which he went without oxygen for about 30 minutes plus.

After the absolute horror this angel and his family endured, the doctors ruled that Dylan had severe brain damage and was classified as a vegetative state.

Baby Dylan had to get a trachea to assist with breathing because his throat muscles were extremely weak and had no cough and swallow reflexes, he had to get a feeding peck inserted as well.

They had to make specialised compression boots, to stop his leg muscles from pulling in on themselves.

Currently, Dylan is slowly improving but still needs a lot of care and medical support.

After four hospitalizations, Dylan is finally home, and his health care is in need of specific treatments and equipment. The list of medical criteria is growing and changing daily to sustain his medical need in aftercare.

The medical aid doesn’t cover everything Dylan needs for survival due to the classification as a ”special needs child” criteria. The family had to move in with the grandparents due to circumstances, and the level of assistance in Dylan’s daily daycare provision. It’s been hard on them but they’re by Dylan’s side every moment of every day.

Dylan was readmitted to hospital on the 6th of June 2023 due to Covid and pneumonia.”
He has been home now for 14 weeks (at time of publishing this post).

Please open your heart and support our fundraiser for Dylan by purchasing his “Step by Step” bracelets. All proceeds are donated towards his ongoing medical are and expenses – together we CAN make a difference in this baby boy`s life!

Alternatively, please consider a donation, any and all donations welcome. REF: Dylan Beukes.

Fundraising for Dylan Beukes

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