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Fundraising for Brodie Snyman – Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Microcephaly, Bronchiectasis, Dystonia, Apnea

Brodie`s story:

Brodie Snyman sustained severe brain damage at birth due to placenta abrubtion. Doctors said he is a very sick little boy and he had to spend 6 weeks in NICU. He started having convulsion fits and was struggling to drink normally. Brodie was admitted to hospital 3 weeks after he was discharged from neonatal with pneumonia, and was transferred to Sandton Medi Clinic to see Specialists there.

Little Brodie can’t swallow properly and then aspirates. From the severe repeated aspirations, Brodie’s lungs were severely damaged. He was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis lung disease and had to be put on oxygen. They also had to insert a mickey feeding tube in his tummy, so that he can be fed that way.

The first two years of Brodie’s life he spent mostly in hospital due to all kinds of infections as his immune system is very low, so he is very susceptible to viruses and illness.

His muscles are very spastic and requires botox every 6 months, he receives botox in the saliva glands to prevent aspiration as well.

Brodie requires weekly neuro/occupational/speech/swallow therapy, which the medical aid do not cover, He also needs a standing frame, special bath seat, and a specialised buggy for the scoliosis in his back.He also has displaced hips.

Brodie needs to see the doctors every 3 months to check on his lung disease. His chronic medication is very expensive, which the medical aid also don’t cover in full. He needs to be nebulised 4 times a day for his Asthma and Bronchiectasis, and he needs daily chest physio. Brodie also needs 24 hour care as he can’t sit, roll, stand or walk, and he can’t talk either.

Brodie is our Little Miracle boy, as we almost lost him twice due to severe infections. The doctors told us we would be lucky if Brodie gets to 2 year old, but he is a real fighter! He turned 3 years old in March and we are so grateful for every single day with him .

Required Medication/Treatment/Therapy

  • Co-payments for medication is roughly R2000 a month. All Therapy together adds up to R2400 a week if we can afford all 3 sessions.
  • Brodie’s medical equipment (standing frame, bath seat and specialised buggy) – the last quote received was about R120 000, but that was quite a few months back so the prices may differ.
  • Co-payments for Brodie’s Botox varies between R5000 and R7000 at the hospital.
  • Outstanding doctors, pharmacy and hospital bills to be settled which is roughly R11 000.

By supporting the Arms of Mercy bracelet initiative you can help make a contribution to Brodie`s ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we can change his world, one bracelet at a time!

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. Please remember to use “Brodie Snyman” as reference.

Follow Brodie Snyman’s Journey on Facebook for live updates on his progress and journey.

Fundraising for Brodie Snyman

Little Miracle Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC

Little Miracle Bracelets

The “Little Miracle” Bracelets for Brodie consist of white and silver wooden beads with crystals and diamante fillers, or a mix of white and silver with 4 green glass beads.

Charm options: Cross / Hope-Awareness Ribbon / Letter B.

To place an order, contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Little Miracle Bracelets © Arms of Mercy NPC
Little Miracle Bracelets

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