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Brayden Wiebosch - Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Fundraising for Brayden Wiebosch – Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy

Brayden`s story:

Brayden Wiebosch, was born a healthy and happy boy on the 7th of March 2018, but his life changed drastically on the 8th of June 2018. At a mere 3 months old, every parent’s worst nightmare occurred when Brayden was feeding on his bottled milk and choked, causing him to have a seizure.

Kaylee and Harry, his mother and father, had to resuscitate him while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Brayden was admitted to Wilgeheuwel Hospital, the closest hospital to where they live and he remained there for 3 months to be stabilised, undergoing numerous medical procedures, one of which was an induced coma to help relieve the blood pressure surrounding his brain. A craniotomy was then performed. Once stabilised, Brayden was released to The Almond Tree, who discovered that he may have pneumonia; he was admitted to Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital (old Joburg Gen Hospital) where he stayed for two weeks.

Brayden has been diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, and he has to feed through a PEG (a feeding tube inserted into his stomach). Knowing that they do not have medical aid, Kaylee and Harry, are strung up to find funds to pay for Wilgeheuwel’s fees. They have managed to pay some, but not all of the fees.

He went for X-rays on his hips and his left hip is out of place. They cannot do an operation on his hip as he is 4 years old and too young and he is not in pain either, but once he actually starts feeling pain they will have to operate on him.

Brayden’s fight is not over; he has physio, O.T and speech therapy at Jhb General Hospital once a month. Funds are needed for outstanding medical bills at Wilgeheuwel Hospital, as well as his continuous physio and O.T that he will have to endure for the rest of his life.

Supporting Arms of Mercy`s bracelet initiative is way to get involved and make a positive difference in Brayden`s life. All proceeds from the “You are Precious” Bracelets are donated towards his ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we CAN make a difference – once bracelet at a time!

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Brayden Wiebosch.

Fundraising for Brayden Wiebosch

You are Precious Bracelets ©-Arms of Mercy NPC

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Charm options: Believe / Love / Faith & Cross.

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You are Precious Bracelets ©-Arms of Mercy NPC
You are Precious Bracelets

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