You are currently viewing Fundraising for Blake Griesel – Spastic Tetraplegia Cerebral Palsy with Strabismus

Fundraising for Blake Griesel – Spastic Tetraplegia Cerebral Palsy with Strabismus

Blake`s story:

In 2018 Blake`s mom got ill with the Coxsackievirus during her pregnancy of him and his sister. During this time they found out there was an excess amount of amniotic fluid in Blake’s side of the sack. At 25 weeks pregnant Blake’s mom saw a foetal Specialist that did drainage of 2 litres of amniotic fluid to try prevent preterm labor. Blake and his sister were born at 27 weeks due to placenta rupturing and they drained an additional 10 litres of amniotic fluid from his side. During the delivery both Blake and his sister were immediately taken to NNICU where they were both stabilized.

Blake Griesel was born weighing 1.3kg. During his NNICU stay he was being treated for Jaundice as well as grade 2 bleeding on the brain. He had also received numerous blood transfusions during this time. He was on a CPAP breathing machine for most of his 60 day stay as his one lung was struggling to get oxygen (there was a chance that he wasn’t going to make it home). Due to the tightness and pressure from the CPAP machine the sternum of his nose were pushed high up so that it was not visible, causing the one side of his nose to collapse a bit.

At his 1 year checkup the Sister doing his vaccinations suggested he get seen by a Paediatrician as she suspected Cerebral Palsy (CP). An appointment was made with the Paediatrician who confirmed the family’s biggest fears. He referred Blake’s parents to get an MRI scan done, and confirmed the severity of the diagnosis.

Blake’s parents set out with physio and occupational therapy and the Neurologist to try get early intervention.
He will need splint boots to aid his feet and legs. Blake is on various chronic medications to help him and he will need more MRI’s along with Neurologist appointments every 6 months along with botox injections as well as speech therapy to help him with communication. The medical aid does not want to cover his medication or neurologist bills, and only covers a third of his therapy bills.

He was also diagnosed at 32 weeks with R.O.P. having him go for corrective surgery a week after being discharged from NNICU. He will need glasses as he has Strabismus, unfortunately also partially paid by medical aid.

With everything that has happened, Blake’s parents have been unable to keep up with all the costs involved, with everything that has happened with Covid-19 these bills have become even more difficult to pay, resulting in a few missed sessions of OT and Physio because they cannot afford the sessions anymore.

Funds are needed for his medication as well as Neurologist appointments, MRI scans, boot splints, mobility devices, botox injections, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, surgery on his nose to help him breathe properly, glasses and eye appointments.

Please open your heart and support our fundraising initiative, all proceeds are donated towards Blake`s medical bills. Together we can change the world, one bracelet at a time!

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Blake Griesel.

Update 8 March 2021: “Blake has received his splint boots as well as his glasses and is adjusting well to all the changes. We are now in the process of trying to get him a mobility device that will work with him for a few years. This is going to be tricky as he does not like his current stroller and he screams when being placed in it. We are continuing with physio, OT, and have begun speech therapy. We are hoping that the OT will help in regards to being in his stroller as he is getting to heavy to carry. Since Blake has gotten his glasses, he has become more vocal and is even trying to say a few words. In May we are seeing the neurologist again and will have to go for MRI, hip x-rays and a possibility of botox. From there we will find out more about his medication and any other information going forward.”

Follow his Facebook Page for live updates on his progress and journey.

Fundraising for Blake Griesel

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