67 Days: Survivor Bracelets for Mandy van Tonder


“Your only limit is you, be brave and fearless.”

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67 Days for Mandy van Tonder

In line with Mandela Day, we are launching 67 Days of Action for Survivors. These  Survivor Bracelets for Mandy form part of our trauma support project partnership  with The Go Purple Foundation. The set has 3 handmade bracelets consisting of black and white  wooden beads with crystals, and 3 different charms.
  • Colours: Black, White
  • Charms: Tree of Life, Cross, Lion Head

Mandy van Tonder Survivor Story

On the late afternoon of 18 April 2013, Mandy was hijacked and kidnapped. She was assaulted, gang raped and demeaned in so many ways. That night Mandy as a very young student thought that she was going to die. She prayed whilst they were raping her. They drove around with her for many hours. When she was found the ordeal continued at the State Hospital where she was supposed to be helped, they treated her in the most horrifying ways. Picking up her life was a very difficult time. Fearlessly she became the bravest young student. She fought back. She #CHOSELIFE! We are celebrating her life!

“She became Fearlessly Brave.”

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