Survivor Bracelets for Lindsay Pistorius


“She became an Absolute Miracle”

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Survivor Bracelets for Lindsay Pistorius

To take action in honor of Mandela Day in 2020, AOM formed a trauma support project partnership with The Go Purple Foundation. The set has 3 handmade bracelets consisting of coral wooden beads and 4 different charms.

  • Colours: Coral
  • Charms: Butterfly, Tree of Life, Flower & Hope

Lindsay Pistorius Survivor Story

In July 2010 Lindsay was brutally attacked in her home. She was raped, assaulted with a garden fork in her face, kidnapped, robbed and left to die. She did “die” 4 times in theatre that night after she was found – but medical personnel resuscitate her and today she is an absolute miracle. The handling of her case by the SAP was another ordeal that followed BUT despite all she #CHOSELIFE. Lindsay’s little boy saw what happened that night and together they, with support of loved ones regained their life. Lindsay has given many people HOPE and live every day with gratitude and joy! We are celebrating her life!

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