Survivor Bracelets for Leilani Kuter


“She rose like the sun.”

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Survivor Bracelets for Leilani Kuter

To take action in honor of Mandela Day in 2020, AOM formed a trauma support project partnership with The Go Purple Foundation. The set has 3 handmade bracelets consisting of white, yellow and red wooden beads with crystals, and 3 different charms.

  • Colours: White, Yellow, Red
  • Charms: Tree of Life, Sunflower, Cross

Leilani Kuter Survivor Story

Leilani Kuter`s life changed in September 1992 when she was assaulted, raped and strangled in her room in the Youth Hostel where she was staying. The attack was brutal and the injuries to her neck were traumatic. The strangulation on her neck was so severe that the blood vessels in her eyes exploded. Leilani’s life would never be the same but she made a choice that day and #CHOOSELIFE! Leilani made a choice to not live her life as a victim. Today she is living her life bringing HOPE to many in our country. We are celebrating her life!

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