Survivor Bracelets for Ina Bonette


“Great works are performed not only by strength but by perseverance.”

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Survivor Bracelets for Ina Bonette

To take action in honor of Mandela Day in 2020, AOM formed a trauma support project partnership with The Go Purple Foundation. The set has 3 handmade bracelets consisting of pink and cream wooden beads with crystals, and 3 different charms.

  • Colours: Pink, Cream
  • Charms: Tree of Life, Infinity, Cross

Ina Bonette Survivor Story

In January 2012 Ina’s life was changed forever. Not only was she tortured and gang raped – BUT she had to listen to her son pleading for his life – and then the shot. He was killed in cold blood by Ina’s ex-husband and men, whom he paid to act with him in this brutal and evil attack. Ina was left with very little reason to live – BUT she never gave up! She #CHOSELIFE. Through perseverance and the support of loved ones she managed to pick up the pieces. She, together with her daughter Angelique, is giving HOPE despite the miss of Conrad. We are celebrating her life!

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